Finally got a buyer for the R6, Busa here i come!!


One of my boys just got his permit and passed the test and now needs a bike. I told him i was selling mine and he jumped on it. He won't have the money until another 3 weeks, but it doesn't matter as i had given up on selling it now anyway. Now i got a bit of a dilema. Should i wait until the winter to pick up a leftover busa or wait till the '04's come out and see if there is any difference? I really do want a bike though for the rest of the summer and little bit of the fall. Any know if there will be any major changes from the 2003 to the 2004 Busa?
I honestly don't know if there will be a revision in 2004. But, if there is... Used bike prices will drop like the 1929 stock market. Any leftover but new 2003 models will see price reductions -- at the dealership if not by Suzuki.

So if you are banking on resale value and the hope that there will be a new model, then wait a bit and see. If you don't care about the financial side and want to take advantage of the interest rates now, then go for it.