Finally got a busa....turned into a nightmare


Hey guys. New to the forum and busa.

got my hands on an 07 and thought I had finally achieved my goal. was too cold to test ride when I picked it up so I settled for it cranking and revving up.

got it home on a trailer and then the fun started.

tried to ride it around the block, got about 15 ft and got an fi light. still ran seemingly ok but died once I let off the gas. cranked back up and same deal. would idle but once I revved it up more than 3k or so it would die. had a fuel sending unit error. checked the plug and found that it had one wire pulled out and paint overspray on the other 3 pins. cleaned all that up and put the wire back in and bike cranked up with no issues and revved with no more fi light. realized very quickly that the bike was running EXTREMELY rich. bad enough to choke me in my garage with the door open. went back and checked all plugs and lines. cranked again and noticed it was idling really rough (misfire). I figured it fouled the plugs so I pulled all 4. all of them were rusted badly. I did what I could to clean them up and stuck them back in for now (don't have any extra plugs laying around.)

Im currently waiting for the battery to charge back up since I killed it trying to get it to crank back up.

The only thing I had to question was a vacuum line coming from near the air temp plug (the one bolted to the frame). I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to plug in to.. looked all over online and couldn't find it.

Any advice or pointers would be great. I am new to the busa but definitely not new to wrench turning. Ill try anything I can.

Thanks in advance



Fort Worth and to cold? Really? Don't own a winter coat ugh?

What's done is done but I would have waited for a warmer day to pick it up if it was too cold to ride.

How many miles on the bike?
Why was PO selling it?
Seem like it could have sat awhile.
Did you put fresh gas in it? I would add Sea-Foam.
Yes new plugs for sure.
Change the oil too.

Did you get a good deal on it? Maybe too good?

Post a picture of the vacuum hose you need help with.

and :welcome:


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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do you have the vacuum line hooked up to the flapper valve on the bottom of the air box


it was raining and about 35 degrees that day and due to work schedule it was the only day I had to go look at it. bike has 69xx miles. po had a new zx14 so didn't want it anymore. it did sit for winter and yes I put fresh gas. I traded him about 2800 worth of stuff for the bike...What I traded was worth much more than 2800 though lol. ill see if I can get a pic up. the microfiche labels the hose as coming off of the valve solenoid if that helps in the mean time.

going to try to track down some plugs somewhere local right now. oil was changed before it sat up and still looks good but I do plan on changing once I get the title taken care of and get it half way running.


Good luck to you. I am sure that with all the knowlege on this forum it won't take long. :welcome: by the way.


Update- new plugs in and it fired right up...unfortunately still running super rich. burned my nose after about 15 seconds.....I'm not familiar enough with the fuel system to diagnose this problem. please help before I drop a bunch of money on a shop


My guess is that they soldered in a simple TRE rather than using a plug-and-play one. Did you check the wiring to see if there is electrical tape in weird places?

I could be mistaken... someone correct me please, but it is possible to wire in a resister (or two resisters) to make the bike think that it is always in 5th gear. It will run rich on gears 1-4, and will eliminate the speed limiter. It runs rich because the bike thinks it is in 5th gear, and so is expecting a significant amount of airflow... that is not coming (because you aren't really in 5th gear).


(TRE's aren't "dirt cheap", though they really aren't too expensive, and the myth is that TRE's fix every problem... including the low RPM surge with busa's. I installed one and used it for a season, and while it fixed the surging issue, I always walked away from the bike smelling like gas. So, I still use it for the gear indicator but disabled the TRE on it. The previous guy could have done the same thing with a cheap fix... aka... using resisters from Radio Shack... to fix the problem. I'll see if I can find the post that explains how to do it. And if it is the problem, than you can "undo" it.)


Previous owner says it had one...its not there now. The FI light is not on anymore. I am headed down to check for the TRE mod now.....what I have found is what I believe to be vacuum hoses routed wrong. Ill try to post a pic but the hose that is not connected is one from the vcsv. not the one that goes to the throttle body but the other one....the diagram I found shows that it should go to the bottom of the airbox for the big air flapper (not sure of proper name yet). instead the air flapper is connected to the tube that comes from the middle of the throttle bodies. is this correct?


and it looks like there might have been a tre mod at one point since there is tape present but no resistors or anything in there. there is also no line connected to the iaps. ive tried to dl the service manual for the bike but the link that is given everywhere doesn't have anywhere to click and dl it.


heres the best I can do at this point. the line from the middle of the tb runs to the bottom of the airbox (big flapper). theres no line on the iaps, and the second line from vcsv is not connected to anything.



You need vacuum to the IAP sensor or the motor will run extremely rich if at all. Reroute all the vacuum lines like the diagram shows and it should run better,


thanks a million flatland....took care of those 2 misplaced lines and it runs pretty good now.....feels like a small miss but im pretty sure I have a loose coil on cylinder 1....will verify when I have a little more time.


I'm curious why all that would have been changed anyway. Is there a reason for messing with the vacuum lines?

Fouled plugs, FI light coming on, vacuum lines in the wrong places/missing, removed TRE... sounds like someone was trying to find a workaround for a bigger issue maybe?


I'm curious why all that would have been changed anyway. Is there a reason for messing with the vacuum lines?

Fouled plugs, FI light coming on, vacuum lines in the wrong places/missing, removed TRE... sounds like someone was trying to find a workaround for a bigger issue maybe?
Perhaps they had it apart to "fix" it and made it worse from not reassembling it correctly, I used to see this all the time on cars.

To the OP, if the plugs have been fuel flooded bad enough that it didn't start, you should probably put a fresh set in.
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