finally found a balance: V-Moda Buds


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Been using cheap skull candy buds while riding for years and although they got the job done, they are no match with the V-Moda remix buds. So, picked a set up and test rode them a few weeks ago and they are outstanding for sound and fitment. They come with 8 silicone sizes to get accurate fitment. $80 hurt when I pulled the trigger but worth it's weight in gold. Plenty of bass and music is crisp. Love the iPod controls/mic and now I can keep the music at a reasonable level without jeapordizing the sounds within my environment, hence "the balance". remix remote in-ear headphones
busabim, I read mixed reviews on the s4 that is why I opted for these. We'll see how long these last.
I tried the V-moda faders w/no such luck and asked for a refund. Glad you have found them to work for you.
How so? Sound, quality, or both? This is my 1st real pricey type buds and sounds great so far but curious to here your experience with them.
I use logitech, ultimate ears vi350 with my iphone while riding. They are small enough not to hurt my ears in my helmet but provide great bass and highs. They run around 60 bucks at best buy or the apple store. Best I've found so far.
Keep us posted on how these work! I've been totally happy with my Beats By Dre earbuds, but am always looking for more options.
I spent a little time listening to some of those high end headphones with my iPhone and came away underwhelmed to say the least. Most of them were way too bright on the high end and way to large to wear while wearing a helmet. The set that cost 600 bucks sounded the worst and had zero bass. Additionally you have to consider the source of the music. Most folks use their phones or a an MP3 player and compressed music sounds like crap anyway you look at it. Expensive headphones just magnify the crappiness. There are some mobile sources that allow for high bit audio but the average Joe doesn't use them.
If you want to learn about headphones go here and then contact me back. Good in ear headpones start about $800.

Look for the top rated cheap earphones and see where v moda are on the list.... - Headphone forums and reviews for audiophiles

I have a very high end 2 channel system.
Clearly you have better knowledge with quality sound than I. For me, metal and rap music doesn't require too much quality as would jazz or classical giving the environment I use them for. I can't justify hundreds of dollars for buds/phones and my budget wouldn't allow it. Guess what I'm saying is that for the price and there use, they work. Next week I'll find out how well they hold up on the snowboard and eventually mountain bike.
If you find a set that's comfy, efficient (adequate volume from your source) and sounds good to you, you're good to go. So far the best I've found for the money are the low end Logitech ULTIMATE ears. As you go up their line the buds get bigger and may not work good with a helmet. I'm on my second set of the 60 dollar version and they sound great. The control fob works well and I tock it through my chinstrap so it's easy to get to and the microphone is in the right place in case I get a call. Koss used to make a god set of 30 dollar earbuds with a separate mike that sounded great but the are not available any more.
I like the tucked mic idea. Never gave it thought that I could use it on the fly successfully.
Will report back when I get the chance for a test ride, thanks!
Gone thru lots of earphone sets over the years, my current and favorite so far is Shure SE215. Expanding foam type ear pieces work best for me. Squeeze them, put them into your ear and they expand and seal very well just like foam earplugs.