Finally did the gsxr1k tail swap!!

So I have been piecing together all the stuff I needed to do the GSXR1K tail swap on my 05 limited and I could not be happier with the way it came out! I love the way the bike looks now, so clean, the skinny tail with the wide just reminds me of a missle or torpedo, I just love it. I kept the stock color because I like the stealthy look. Colorite definitely was the way to go. So without further are some pics! before and after of course.



oh PS, I didnt want to spend the 330$ on the corbin seat so I made my own but I have to re-stretch the vinyl. So dont mind the wrinkles :please:


bike looks a little stumpy now. no pun intended. Gen 1 is a classic and an 05 limited is rare. I too have an 05 limited and searched high and low for a low mile mint one. not sure why u wud want to make a busa look like a 1k. looks like the CBR parked next to it now.
Im curious, what did your material list look like? how was your subframe constructed or did you buy the $900 kit?
I actually found the subframe with battery tray on fleabay for 400$, then pieced everything else together from auctions and classified ads and whatnot. the material list was:
all the tail plastics from the gsxr1k including the undertail (mostly auction purchases, never spent more than 25$ on each individual piece)
smoked turn signals
a set of 1157 bulbs and sockets
clear alternatives integrated tail light
gsxr1k passenger pegs
gsxr1k driver seat
gsxr1k pillon box.
When all was said and done, all parts total were about 650$. Much easier on the wallet than the 900$ kit that just includes the subframe and seat. Although I would love to have that Corbin seat instead of my Frankenseat. lol. The whole thing took about 4 hours to take the original subframe and tail off and replace everything.
How difficult was it to attached the gsxr1k subframe on the gen1 frame?
It wasnt bad at all, really. The kit to adapt the gsxr1k pillon box to the gen1 frame was bolt on. Actually just ditched the passenger pegs today because I got my brocks alien head exhaust, it looks soo much better. Nice and clean and open

Looks good. Great job!! is it just me or does it look like the tail is always sky high even when it's lowered. Not knocking anyone's style by any means. I know even on the 1k there little high till u lower em. But the busas just make em look like there pointed to the sky.
UPDATEEEEEE!!!! well, as much as I loved the silver on graphite paint/graphics scheme. I wanted a little more pop so I swapped out graphics from a Gen 2 limited and found that I love it even more now. The red graphics with the red brocks plate really looks sweet in person!


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