Finally Chrome


My other posts dont seem to be hitting the server I will try again Hey guys I finally got my bonus check and I should be shiiping out my wheels, grab bar and rotors Monday or Tyesday at the latest. I am going to have the centers Blue candy chrome and the grab bar the same. Rotors regular chrome . Now to start polishing the frame
I hate that part chrome next years bonus check. I will have some pics to follow Here is one of the bike all apart starting to get ready to polish the frame.

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The Busa looks sad like that. Hurry up and get it back together and post some pictures.
Racer how long will they be gone and how much is it gonna cost you. There is a place here where you can just swap your stuff, which means you bring yours in and walk out with the chrome the same day. And in checking it was as low as sending it out and waiting for weeks for it to come back.
They are giving me a deal because I am a member of it is I want the centers of my wheels to be blue candy chrome outside edges chrome and the grab bar to be blue candy chrome too just chrome on the rotors But the wheels are normally 450 for chrome 695.00 for the candy process rotors I worked out a deal with the owner and the grab bar is 135 candy chrome its a special process that involves heating it and they take a chance on bubbling the chrome. The guy I talked to seems like a real cool poop its like talking to another biker instead of a secratary taking your order. The turn around is 4 weeks but I am going for knee surgery on the 25th and there is still alot of snow on the ground so I should be OK. Thanks for the info though
God she looks sad hanging there with nothing on her. I had to take the wheels in and have the bearings removed. Does anyone here know how to get them out without damaging them. I took the rotors off and seals out I am going to replace those but I would like to reuse bearings unless someone tells me a good reason why I shouldnt. I marked my rotors r & l so they will go back on correct spot. But those #### bearings have a sleeve inside that doesnt allow you to get in there with a punch like you do with car and truck hubs. Any help would be appreciated.
Hey Race,

You definately need the tool to take those bearings out. I had the shop do mine also. I would really advise against using the same bearings again, especially if they have been bent. New bearings are not expensive at all.

#### that figures oh well I will call and see how much they are. I am not going to take any chances with my life at 190Mph thanks for the info I thought there was a special tool
I took the bearings out at my local shop(they let me use there shop and there tools) They took the first one out for me it was much more somple than I thought. They said there was a special tool but that nobody used it. You push the bearing spacer to one side and use a punch just like a car bearing to remove it. Just hit evenly from side to side. Then I took my tires off and valve stems out. Tomorrow they get shipped out. If anyone needs better instructions on how to do all this let me know I can send them to you along with the part numbers for the seals
Hi race24x,

Do you have a sound clip of twobros
I had twobrothers on my blackbird and they did sound great!. I wonder how will it sound on a busa...
I dont have a sound clip but I could try to make one. I like the way it sounds it is not so loud it hurts your ears but has a nice sound at 4-5000 just purring
Race24x, I can't help but notice we have the same bike! Same pipe and soon to be same rims......................What if any map are you using for your Powercommander? Do you have a diff air cleaner?
I have a bearing removal tool, bought it at a bearing shop.. When I had the bearings done I replaced the bearings anyway. I had 20,000 miles on the factory ones thought now would be a good time..
Hey KS I hadnt seen a pic of your bike didnt realize they where that close. I downloaded the K&N map for a Two Brothers pipe K&N air filter small air box mod for the PCII I havent installed it yet so not sure how it runs. I will be doing my pair block off before I ride this year. My buddies at THe Starting Line have a DYNO and they are going to make me a custom map on the DYNO. The only thing that is different is that I am looking at the race BMC filter instead of the K&N I dont know how much of a difference it will make but the people here seem to like it better. I will send you the map if you want after it is done and the graph maybe you can try it see how it works for you.... I only have 10,000 on my bearings and we inspected them very carefully so I dont think I will go with new ones. The guys at Starting line are a speed and custom shop with there own machine shop. They let me do most of my work right in there shop. Dave looked at the bearings he said the seemed great (after I cleaned and dried them) So just new seals as soon as my wheels come back. Oh yah and new tires.