I finally took the pics of a FIAMMM DUAL AIR HORN INSTALL for those interested. There loud as heck and no bugs/liquid can get to em. Easy install.......

I mounted the air compresser sideways with included mounting hardware at factory horn location. See pic #1

I mounted the short horn on the left near the relays/fuse box using a 1/2 inch U-clamp and included mounting hardware.
See pic #2.

I mounted the longer horn on the right. Used 3/4 inch x 1/16 x 4 inch piece of alum. Drilled and mounted it on the right instrument cluster bolt. Used included mounting hardware bolts for horn. Put small bend to mount horn then installed instrument cluster bolt. Next, lean on it to desired position.

I used 1/4 inch automotive hose for the lines. Better air flow and more flexible. (Free at local autozone. Too short to fool with 3 feet) Also tighter fit.

Mount relay on back of instrument cluster run wiring using factory horn wires. Use double sided sticky tape where horn lays on air tubes, and where horn rests against anything for a buffer. For added security used a zip tie around horn to instrument cluster brace in case it would ever come loose. Used zip ties to hold hoses to neck of instrument cluster bracing. Put a "BOW" in air lines as they pass upward to ensure clearance of front forks and steering dampner. Re-install front nose section.

Funny as helllll when ya hit em from a motorcycle. Real attention getter, also cagers tend to swerve away from ya. Sound is more than their used to hearing from a MC.

Just in case ya thought of it. ($20.00) from autozone. I used to have dual highway blasters but wanted the more Airy sound. A musical horn will fit there also. Three horns is a bit much but can mount on rear of headlight if you dont have an HID!

Ice, your to much. I would have never thought of this! Great job..................
Hey Ice...I lovemine too but I put my on the right rear under the rear cowling...The compressor is inthe trunk space. And you're right...I LOVE when peopel swerve away becuase theyt think you are much bigger than they are due to the horn sound.

I give you props tho...last sumnmer when i did my install i looked under the nose but couldn't see where to wedge the horns in...

One you get a lot of reflected sound coming back at you from the horns being in front of you and the nose directing sound back to you?

NIce n loud, $20.00 from local autostore. Three horn version available that plays music like "La cocarocka". Sweet too. BUt with HID no room.

Ok this is a mod i will be doing in the next week. I hate the roadrunner beep beep horn I have now.. GIVE ME BIG HORN SOUND !!!


theres actually enuff room to get three horns in the nose but it's tight, real tight. for sweet sounds. listen online and check out da themes. Oh chookarocka!


PS. O I wish I could get a FREIGHT TRAIN HORN, for when someone is crossing the street. Dag that would be tooo funny!


Are you saying that the three horn system won't fit in the nose if you have the HID, or neither system?

I've been thinking about this horn mod for a while now and I just bought an HID system from you. I'm still going to do both but may have to install the horns somewhere else. What do you think?

What's the difference between the two tone system and the three tone? I've seen them at the auto parts stores but wonder what they sound like (differences). Any information would be great!

Let me know. Thanx, in advance!
Hey didnt see the post till now. The three horn sound is just more stereo sounding. Two is just fine. If you get the three horn musical sound then it plays an airey version of the song. Sounds neat but a short blast with the music horns continues until the sound is done. You can get two horns in nose with HID. Three is just very very tight. Makes reinstalling the nose very tuff as well.

Thanx, Ice! I'll probably go with the two horn system then. Can't wait for "daytime at night" and "sound blasting horn". I plan to install them both at the same time, while I'm in there. Later!
I just did this mod, and they are LOUD! Many thanks go out to The ICEMANN who gave me some good pointers on getting the damn fairing off.

I made the mistake of testing them out in my garage. I was temporarily deaf, but now the cagers will hear me and may even get out of my way!
I concur with Juggler; I just made this mod and they are as loud as hell. Sounds like a freight train comin' at ya!

I also made the mistake of testing them in the garage. My boyz were rollin' on the ground; none of us expected them to be so loud.

Icemann helped me with some of the wire troubleshooting too! True 'Busa brother; he'll stick with you 'til its right!

RazoRR Out!
$$$$$ Went to Kragen and picked up a 138Db Low note horn for $14.00, bolted right up to the stock mount. I just clipped the connector and plugged it in!!!!!!!