FI light on, wtf!!


been havin starting problems ever since i got my busa about a month ago. Just replaced the battery to see if that would fix it. Was out tonight and the FI light comes on and starts blinkin FI on the odometer. I would guess whatever is causing this has been my starting issue all along. Any idea what it could be, something simple? Could I unplug the pcm or fuel pump harness to see if it resets itself. This is getting so frustrating, i only have 1400 miles on the bike!!


Dealership pronto dude! FI is bad, and has something to do with oil (I could be horribly wrong) but I do know that you dont want that FI light to come on.


could this be the cause of my starting issue, occassionally it will barely crank the engine sounding like a dead battery. I would think if it was a fuel problem though it would still turn the engine over normal, just wouldn't fire up


actually, i just decided to check the battery voltage again which i just installed last night, it was at 9.6v!!. So now I have two problems, something is wrong with the charging system and now the fuel injection system. Starting to wonder if i got a lemon


come to think of it, i just read another post on the forums where a guy said the bike needs to reach 5000 rpm's or more for full charging output. Last week or so out i have been just puttin around and haven't been above 5000 too many times. Do u think i'm bein too easy on it and need to keep it above 5000 rpms more often. Kind of sounds stupid, but i'm just tryin to think of anything i can do before takin it to the dealer

Htown Busa

Take it to the dealer. There shouldn't be a charge. I wouldn't even waste my time wondering what it could be. This is what warranties are for.
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