FI light after Akrapovic 4-2-1-2 installed


Just installed Akra 4-2-1-2 on my 11Busa, Took it out for ride and red FI light illuminated, This only happen when i rev it over 6000Rpm and back off the throttle,
My first guess was the ECU need time to adjust, But not so sure about it, Any opinion? Or should i go PCV?


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You need some form of tuning. Whether you use a Power Commander or ECU flashing is up to you, but most people with the ability to get it done prefer ECU flashing. Running a full exhaust system with no fueling changes is not good for the bike, and will cause a lean condition. If you want to optimize your engine's performance and avoid potential damage, you will have to have it properly tuned.


I chose Bazzaz Z-Fi.

My opinion, go AFR+TC+QS about a thousand bucks but any Qshifter and fuel module sepparate will cost you that. The shifter seems to be a very nice and versatile one.

Add Z-AFM later if you want to refine tune.


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As others have said, you either need a tune and/or the o2 bung dummy to keep from tripping the light. Bazzaz, PC, ECU-editor all are great but the most important part is the TUNER! Find one that really knows what they are doing and go with what they recommend or work with... ;)


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I had the full dual Akrapovic on my 08 gen2 and never had a problem or an FI light, and without a dyno tune.
I also used the stock O2 sensor.
i did another 300 miles today, No sign of Fi warning light again, Guess it was just the error d/t new pipe,
What i was noticing yesterday though, there was a strong fuel smell from both can, But not that bad now,
Will do another 300 miles trip again tomorrow, Will see how it goes,

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