Feuling W3 - what the heck?!


Read on a portuguese magazine that the Feuling W3 and now i'll quote "(is) literaly bombastic! This is the motorcycle to point-and-shoot (accelerate), against whom the Hayabusa is history and the ZX12 is humiliated, both unable to keep up with it in a straight line".

What the heck!??! Is this true?!?
I can't say. Since I have never heard of that bike or that manufacturer. So it seems a little fishy to me, but I won't rule it out.
You know how companies like to inflate their numbers. I predict a hefty price for this so called busa eater. I dont believe that an unfaired cruiser could ever beat the busa!
This is a direct quote from part of the article:

The engine costs $16,400 including carburetors and British-made digital ignition, the chassis kit is $19,500 comprising engine, ignition, wiring harness, frame and swingarm, and we're marketing the ready built bikes for $39,600 on a handmade basis [/QUOTE]

Even if it is halfway close to putting up the same numbers as a Busa, why would anyone shell out that kind of money to run high nines in the quarter.  I don't know what kind of numbers you would run if you bought a $10,000 Busa and put in $29,500 worth of go-fast goodies into it, but then try comparing the two bike that cost the same amount and there won't even be a contest.  Anybody that is willing to spend $40,000 on a bike just to run high 9's needs to have his head examined!
I'm a little familiar with it in that I read a couple cruiser mags every now and again.... Actually the cruiser mags have more women in them for some reason :laugh: , but anyway if you read the article on which this is based ... Its a DYNO drag race the W3 did a 140mph 9.6 and the busa a 9.7 with the busa top speed not being listed. Key things to remember 1) its done on a DYNO not on a real strip; 2) IT occurs during Daytona Beach BIKEWEEK = We came from all over the world cause we love Cruiser/American made/beer/ and women in leather bikinis/ and aint no Japanesse rice burning crotch rocket gonna beat a good american built $40+ cruiser.  Ok maybe i got carried away on the last part but its a dyno drag race done during DAYTONA BEACH BIKE WEEK --you do the math :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
anybody heard of a little thing called wind resistance? AKA drag coefficient? Anybody recall what a profound impact it had in the development of the Hayabusa and how it impacted the final performance numbers on the actual drag strip? Bottom line is without wind tunnel tested/developed bodywork it doesn't matter how much HP that cruiser makes it will never make a 9 second pass much less rival any bike for top speed honors. Also, I doubt the dyno provided the test busa's sophisticated ram induction system with ram-air equal to 100+ mph which would have yet another misleading impact on the final performance numbers. Let those guys dream on and buy their stinking 40K bike...I'll run 'em any day they feel lucky!

Oh, and another thing...apples and oranges...anybody with enough money can build a fast bike but it still doesn't make it a legit production motorcycle!! Long live the legend!!! Bikezilla is the king!!!!! :super:
Oh yea, something else that is very, very misleading....weight...drag racers rule of thumb says that for every 100lb you sacrifice 0.1 seconds on the quarter...that's for cars...bikes are even worse, did you guys see how much that hog weighs? 590 lbs!!!!! That thing couldn't run 9's with an afterburner!!! Okay, who's got one? I'll run that sucker any day of the week, my bike is completely stock pipes and all....no fear!!!
Saw this quote on the webpage too :laugh: :drink:  :drink: :drool:

"...from the kingdom of can do
comes a bike that will eat a Hayabusa for breakfast."
Alan Cathcart
It has huge torque numbers and is a cool design idea but for $40K I could have the sweetest busa anyone ever saw. Plus the cruiser is just not my thing.
It sounds like........Fuel.....or.....Feul........or.......Fool.......(whatever)......has issued a challenge to the mighty Hayabusa! They have slapped the Busa in the face with a leather glove!

A quarter mile challenge is in order for the Busa to retain its' legendary status and to keep these "wanna be" motorcycle manufacturers from printing LIES and misleading those ignorants who buy this BULL!

A "heads up" challenge by one of the major motorcycle magazines must be conducted!

Anyone? :rant:
This article isn't even worth the time of day to prove it wrong. The issue of "drag" was why i pointed out it was a DYNO DRAG race... Not to mention that it was done at the largest (CRUISER) event in the world.. Now let me see I'm gonna bring a crotch rocket to a cruiser event to run it against my $40k cruiser (which I'm trying to sell to somebody that can't even pronounce the name of my bike) ..But it on my dynos in front of the world largest cruiser audience... And the $10k rice burner is gonna win?:super: I don't think so.... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ... Igive the company one thing though they got HUGE BALLS. But based on the amount fluff they using to promote this bike they don't rate a race :mad:
SO, that's their trick!!! A DYNO drag race!!! LOOOL!! Didn't knew that this kind of ###### race even exist!! MUAHAHAHAHAH, if anyone comes to me and open their mouth to talk about that Feuling I will have to make a huge ROFL! Those cheaters almost scared me with their lie!
I also doubt that the Dyno simulated the RAM Air in perfection, or even any at all! How many HP would the Busa lose without the RAM effect?
If they even dare to accept a real challenge against the Busa I'd love to see them faces at the end :) Everyone knows that the Busa is MEAN on drag races, even against the rival ZX12... The 0-60 is absolutely fabulous, and after that, even if the Kawa wins some meters it won't beat our baby in a short distance.
What a fuggin' joke... A busa would spank that thing's a$$ in a real world drag. Who the f races on a dyno?
But on the other hand... today I woke up and I think last night my Fiat Punto 1.2cc 16valve with it's mighty 80hp won a drag race against a McLaren F1... Do you think I was dreaming? ;)
there was a story about that bike a few months, year ago in cycle world i think. They did mention it had good power but it was not in the same league as the bus. Someone that keeps old US bike mags shold look it up. Its no more than 15 months old. Hope you find somehting,