Fender Eliminator Kits


Hey fellas,

I need to know were exactly I can get a fender eliminator for my 2001 Busa that I do not need to to make any mods to my bike and will bolt to my bike bolt for bolt. Please I have looked everywhere, even competion werkes, they sell assemblies that I do not even like lookin at. Please help a fello Busa Man out.

far as I know, just like the rest of the Busa world, you will have to purchasean undertail mod, or get out your dremel and cut your fender off.
A fender eliminator is used to eliminate the rear fender. The problem is, the fender is your trunk space. If you don't want to cut, you would have to remove the entire fender and trunk space which would provide for no rear storage. There is no such thing as a bolt on fender eliminator since the big piece of plastic you don't want anymore has to be removed some how. That is like saying I want to do a big bore engine mod but don't want to mess with the stock engine. It can't happen.
Dont have to be a smartass about it I did not know, that is why you ask questions.
Who was a smartass? Looks like we answered your question like you asked. no?

You sure you got a Busa KickA$$? You sound like one of these cats around my way that hates on Busas cause they got a Kawacrappy ZX6.