Last night i was on my way to meet a couple of the crew to go riding and a car stops suddenly in front of me just as i was
lookn back. before i could stop i hit him!
He was in an old volvo wagon didnt hurt his car at all.

I am OK just minor aches, sore knee and hip.

Damage to the busa: broke my db screen, scraped the plastics on the lower left side, tank has a good size dent on the left side where the tank pad is ( about the size of a softball ).

The other bad thing is we are having a group ride today. one of the crew is getting me a new screen while i am at work.
still makes me mad i scratched and dented monsta (my baby).

As my wife says at least i didnt get hurt to bad. amen

just thought i would share.
now i need to find a new tank.

Glad you're ok. I was just on ebay and they had a few decent tanks for around 200.00.
Oh and if you end up needin' a new screen I'll send ya my stocker. Be safe.
Man, that sucks, but I'm glad yer ok man.
Hate to hear things like that happenin'! Glad you weren't seriously hurt!
Glad you're still in one piece. Noticed lately cars in front of you always time their stops when you're looking back. Never fails. Be safe./

musta been one awesome display of stopping for a volvo to outbrake a sport bike.. even if you did give him half a second half start by checking behind ya...

maybe time to rethink your following distances.
Not Good!! Glad you did not get hurt though.

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bike parts can be replaced, alot easier than you can.. I too will offer you my screen if you cant get one in time. I just replaced mine and my old one is just sitting there. Im going away for the weekend so get back to me soon if you need it and I can overnite it to you... as long as your ok, screens can be replaced alot easier than your noggin... you will be back on the road in no time, john...
Thanks all for the words.. one of my boys stopped and bought me a new db screen for me since he knew i had to work all day saturday, he even went over to the house and put it on for me. ( now that is what a boy does for you ). i was able to ride last night. Last night was the first night andre (one of the crew) first night back after getting his bike back together after not riding for 7 weeks. so i really wanted to be there his first night back. we had a good ride even though my knee was still a little sore.

now all i have to do is figure out what i am gonna do about my tank.
I think for now i am gonna just cover it with a secon look tank bra till i can find me a new tank this winter. and a new left side fairing. i did crack the left side fairing.

thanks for all the words.