Fellow Rider Down...

Husted, 39, had been with Loomis Armored for 16 years.
Witness Skyler Ford was inside the Wal-Mart at the time of the shooting and tried to comfort Husted.
"I was just trying to reassure him that everything was going to be okay. Just trying to comfort him as much as I could,” said Ford.
Husted’s family released this statement:
“We mourn deeply the loss of Kurt Husted. He was a wonderful, caring person whom we loved deeply and will miss forever.”
A friend says Husted was a nice man who went out of his way to help others.
“Kurt was quite noticeably a soft-spoken young man,” said Ryan Donahue. “He was in helicopter pilot school intending to someday change professions. He loved motorcycles and was an amateur motorcycle racer.”
The flight school where Husted was training, Airwork LLC, is establishing a $1,000 scholarship in his name for student pilots in need of financial assistance.

may he rest in peace thoughts and prayer go out to the family and I hope those guys get the death penalty
Sorry to hear this Randy.
Thought and prayers go out to the family and friends of this YOUNG man. What a waste.
Wow how sad... RIP and my :please: prayers go out to his family and friends.
RIP to Husted. He will be missed.

We still have lethal injection for the perps. It's a shame because they should be taken out the same way they killed the victim.
Read about this in the local paper, my prayers to the family and friends.
Last I saw was they had made 4 arrests.
This whole thing has absolutely rocked us.

We know the job is dangerous, we know this type of thing can happen and we accept those risks.... Its just hard to see a life wasted like this, and for what?

So all the bast**ds can just get caught and go to jail three days later?

I dunno, I just thought I'd share this here since the guy was a rider up on the west coast and the pic his family provided to the media was him, with his scoot...
How sad is that... good guy doing an honest days work shot and killed by some low life scum unwilling to do real work for a living... hope they hang all 4 of them..
That is such a very tragic and sad story. My prayers go out to the rider and his family.
Prayers sent to Husted, his family and friends. Seems like the plan included killing him.
Washington State got the death penalty? Do they use it? Ship him to Texas...