The Watcher

It felt good to ride today. Warm but very windy. The winds kept me from trying high runs and to see what the 187hp will do. HAPPY SPRING MAY WE ALL HAVE A GREAT RIDING SEASON.
Tomorrow will be my first day over 43 degrees on the 02. It's supposed to be 60 but gusts to 30mph. I did notice a HUGE difference in crosswind effects just between a slightly upright position and full flat to this point. Reading material said don't grip tightly. Man, it felt like the wheels were being swept out. The softer grip seemed to help. Any other observations?

Hope you have a good day. Yes watch those cross winds on the Busa. The first time I hit heavy winds in the White Mountains I though I was going airborn. It gets a little tempermental in cross winds. Once you know it can happen your fine.

Suppose to be nice tomorrow and Friday, oh well ,I can not ride until Sat. Have fun.
Yeah here in Vegas it gets down to about 70 at night. I can't wait to get my bike. We have tons of sunny days and very little rain. It does get way hot in the summer though(110-120). Hoping to get my bike in the next few months.

Hit 60+ today, what a ride. All the Air Compressor bikes were out. They don't dare good time with a Busa. Hardley a Davidson it is. What a feeling knowing you got the fastest thing on the road. Had a Vette following me - did'nt dare pass me. To bad so many riders are afraid of owning a Busa - to bad for them...
Sounds like it was a good day Hank. I am hoping to get out tomorrow.
Thats true Busa is fast. But sometimes its not all about fast. My Big Dog frankly looks better than my coming Busa. Cant beat that $30,000 worth of crome and billet, 40 degree raked out front end and 230mm rear tire. Also I have a 57 chevy painted porcha red with a Corvette TPI engine and the Corvette 700R trans. Complete ground up Reso, about a $45,000 car. I dont care who outruns me in that, cause I know I'm lookin way better than them. Dont get me wrong I love the speed also, thats why I bought a Busa. lol
EEEEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOW! First 87 degree day here this month, & humid. Had to get to higher elevation to cool off. The ride was sweet avg about 80 mph through the twisties - Have fun - ride safe - and twist that wrist!
Poor baby all that heat!! Enjoy the day. It was actually 75 today but high winds still. I could not test the max range.