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Well It happend. My 4 week old fastest colored (silver/gray)brand spankin new baby with 1200 miles on it that I just made the very first payment on that morning was targeted for destruction. While sitting all by itself in a parking lot a devil in the disguise of a human decides he is going to back out of a parking spot that he is in in front of me (don't ask me why) and does't check (as some would say on this board) his "FUGGIN") mirrors or look behind him and pushes my baby off of her kickstand and knocks her down. This little tap and fall resulted in some damage to the left lower fairing, a busted left mirror, a busted clutch lever, and scratches on the left side of the tail. The only good thing about this story is that there were witnesses and they held on to the guy until I showed up a few minutes later. The guys insurance (Allstate) is gonna pick up the tab but I am scared to death that they will just paint over the scratches and not replace the fairing which I think they should do since the bike being only 4 weeks old and polished every other day was as I said "PERFECT" and I want it to be back to that. Anybody have any experiance (god forbid) in this department. If you have rashed your bike or someone else has does the insurance guys agree to pay for a whole new fairing or do they push for sanding and painting the old fairing if this can even be done cost effectively?? Well any sympathy notes or advice on how to deal with the insurance folks would be appreciated. Hell any kind of advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance for "Feeling My Pain".



that sux... good thing ppl held him for you! just wait til you drop her yourself... that is probly worse than someone else doing it

Wait til you find out how much insurance is gonna pay for, decide how to fix it then.

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nah they usaully replace the fairings. It would cost about the same or even more to prep the plastic then repaint and sticker the fairing. I have yet to run into someone who had to get there stock fairings painted from an accident. Just gets replaced.


Not to worry W-58 every part that is scratched gets replaced you can even take it to the dealer and have them (do a write up) then order and replace your parts unless you want to do it yourself so again not to worry Allstate is pretty good about that a friend of mine just went through that about two months ago ins. co. took care of everything scratched with new parts


Well I haven't been pushed over by anyone yet, but the accidents (and damage from them) seem to be judged by specialists. The insurance company will send one and he will make a calculated guess as to how much the damage will cost to repair. If indeed he thinks the damage can be fixed by some patchwork, you'll probably wont get enough money to fix the problem as you wish. On the other hand: you are entitled to a counter-specialist (or however it's called). Then a specialist from YOUR insurance will come and HE will again make a calculation on how much HE thinks it will cost.
I have no idea off course how it works where you live, but I always had my bike with a friend/suzuki dealer after an accident and 90% of the time the specialist knows/trusts the judgement of the dealer ...
Just hope you don't have the same insurance company as the other guy ...


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It's allways a good idea to take the bike to a dealer you trust. They can find everything thats messed up and give you a written estimate. Then if Allstate starts waffling you will at least have something to prove that their adjuster has his or her head in a very dark stanky place...


Dont sweat it. They usually replace, not repair. I had a couple of accidents in the last 13 years, and both times the insurance company replaced everything, no questions asked.


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Sorry to hear it, that sux.
Insist on new everything, do not settle for less.
Especially being that it was a brand new bike and you were not even on it at the time.


I've never heard of them repainting or repairing plastic in all my years of riding. Typically they cut you a check to replace it. Cash the check buy new plastic and sell the old on ebay. Or donate it to HAYABUSA. ORG !!!!

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I got backed into last year and had the same damage...I brought the bike to my mechanic and the insurance adjuster guy met him there. I got a check for replacement OEM parts. If the fairing is scratched it gets replaced, if the cans are scratched they get replaced, with Suzuki parts.


Go to the place you bought the bike if new or a dealer you know ask them to do a thorough quote. Put it all on yourself save the labor and get chrome wheels LOL


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Sorry to hear about that. Good luck in getting everything taken care of.


Sorry to hear that bro, that suxs.... And as far as replacing the plastics I think they will do it, the only problem is that the plastics for the 03' silver/gray are on backorder for about 2 months per Suzuki.... I tried to buy a right side fairing for my 03' silver/gray and every website and Sukzuki dealership told me August before they would come in....Suzuki is replacing my gas tank (bad weld at the back of tank) cuz it started leakin gas and the tank won't be here till July but at least they are fixin it!!! Good luck!!!!!!! and if you hear of a place where we can get plastics faster let me know!!!!!!!!


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check this.....

I got one of my rides run over 5....yup FIVE times .

'Course it was by the same drivr .

My bike was parked (not a busa, few yrs back) in this plc for at least 3 vehicles to parallel park .

In comes CAPPER-GUY , by that I mean.....

In comes this fuggin' handi' capped guy...parapalegic...

HIS CAR HAS HAND CONTROLS...problem is....
ya...besides that....he's pissed . ya drunk . LOSER .

....who in the fug gave him keys to a car.
He's drivin' a killin' machine....a 1960 whatever....fuggin killin' machine .

He hits my bike . The foot peg catches in his bumper .
He backs up....30 feet....tires smokin (you can see the rubber) draggin' my bike
He goes forward....30 feet...tires smokin...draggin' my bike

He backs up....

he goes forward....

. I come out of my buddy's plc .
I see a 19whatever Ford Meteor Parked... ON TOP OF...

My ride.

The attending cop didnt no wether to laff...or CRY .

He told me...."I'm gonna go take away this guys licence,forever" . "He wont drive again" .

Thank Christ.....there is a god .

OLD FUG's.....'Capper's....you just shouldn't be there .


Car,insurance,oil,gas,tolls,parking,repairs,maint. , ......

Thats one fug-load of bus/cab rides .

juz get the fug off da road......


Thanks to all of you for the tips and giving me some hope on this. The insurance company unfortunatly is dragging there feet on getting a hold of the guy that hit me so he can say the words "yes I hit the bike and I am liable". I got that excuse last week and today when I talked to them I had to answer the same questions that I answered last week and set another appointment to have the bike looked at. I also called the putz that ran the bike down and told him to call the ins company and talk to them since I think he is playing cat and mouse with them. I will hopefully have a more cheerful update later on this week. Till then keep the rubber on the road stay cool


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