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I have always riden on Dunlops. I will say that it was not by choice they always came on the bikes I bought. I have no preferences really but the guys I ride with swear that the bridgestones are crap. I refuse to change tires on that opinion is there anything else that I should consider?
Like most US Bikes mine came with BT56's I recently replaced em with the BT010's I like the new better. To me they seem stickyer and a little better in the rain.
Aloha - KMC
I live in So Cali so I don't have to worry about the rain that much. Would you recommend holding on to these for a while until time to go new? I have had the bike in some good lean angles and I thought the tires did well. Don't get me wrong i'm in no way a pro racer!!! Just a novice. Hence all the dumb questions. Just what I have noticed in my canyon carving.

I just put a set of bt-10`s on the busa and boy do I like`um. thay handle better than the 56`s, looks like there wearing better and I think thay handle a hole lot better than the 56`s. in the few years that I have riddin I have had a couple of sets of dunlops and I didnt like them near as much as the bridgestones.

Just pitchin my two cents

When you went to the 10's did you keep the same size rear and front or did you change them.

I'm no knee dragger ... yet, but I run the tire wear out to about a 1/4 inch from the edge. I wanted to go to a 200 instead of the stock 190 rear tire but too many experienced riders told me that it may throw off the transitions in tight cornering. Not much room for error when your doing 100+ mph. So I stuck with the 190. Burn up the stock tires first , have fun. New rears are about $180. Just before you change it do a few burn outs. hehehe.
I have been told the same. Get a smaller rear tire to do the tight turns on the mountain. I would say that I have had it over and probably have about 1/4 or less left to the edge. I have been told that the stock foot pegs will grind before you hit the edge. Is that true? I am going further over and faster each time out. Confidence!!(at least its growing)

The 56 is ok, but after wearing the tread down a bit, they won't stick.

I have no personal experience with the 010's. Lots like them though as they stick nicely and have decent wear and are quite affordable. Not the best for knee-dragging, but great for everything else.

I run the D207 180 on the rear. Sticks like glue with normal wear (I get 5-6K miles). I run just a couple corners to heat them and I can push it hard the rest of the day, even on a cold day.

Pilot Sports wear down too fast, take too long to heat and are overpriced, as with all Michellin products, IMO.
You may have seen reviews for other tires in the magazines, too. I have no experience with other tires, but do keep in mind that these reviews were done on liter bikes that weigh at least 100 lbs. less than the busa, so may not perform the same.
Just so you know, When I went to the 10`s I stayed with the 190`s, I like the size, big enough to drag race with, small enough to corner with. Just a good all around tire. I like it.

The 010's are an excellent choice for the Busa harder compound in the center for good milage and softer compound on the sides for max traction when leaned over. Excellent tire for the price. I have Pilot sports on my Zx-11 and what a difference they make over the Dunlops I had on before much quicker steering tire made the 11 steer much quicker I will probable put a set on the Busa when the 56 ss are done. They are more expensive than the 010's but have come down a lot in price just recently making them a preferable option. The 010 and Pilots are very close in performance the Pilot's sports are just a little better at the limits than 010's per the Fast Bikes Magazine Tire shootout...................Knebnr
So it seems when the 56's are done I need to go to the 010's. Stay with the same tire size and hang on! Thanks for all the feedback Busa Brothers! See you in the fast lane.

Hey Howlin,

I like those chrome decals of yours. Were they hard to put on? Do they just simply go over top the old ones? Can they be removed?

I actually had my friends wife put them on. She is good with stuff like that. They went right over the top of the old ones. I left the original hayabusa in red on. They provided a chrome replacement for it but the red works nicely. I put the chrome ones on the tail end over the GSX1300R. Not sure if you can see it that well from that angle. If you want a better picture of that I will send you one. It took her about an hour to do and she was hung over. Not sure if they come off but I am pretty sure that it is a one shot deal. They send you some decals to practice with before you start. Good luck! Hope that helps.

I ran with 56's until the 10's came out. I was getting through the 56's like hot cakes, from around 1200 miles to 3000 at a push.
My back was shagged recently so I put on a 010, and kept the 56 on the front.
I found the 010 really grippy and gave a lot more feedback that the 56. My only gripe with the 010 is that the porofile appears to be less 'rounded'. I went around my town circuit, which comprises of several roundabouts and straights, and the rear end felt really twitchy and broke away a few times. It transpires, on inspection, that I was running on the edge of the tyre (were the grip meets the wall). This had worn or scuffed the outer edge of the tyre like I had been round Brands! With the 56's it would take me a lot longer to scrub in my tyres.
Now the edge has been scuffed to shite they appear to stick rather well, better than the 56.
Does that make sense?
And that is it.
Thanks Montie...It seems that the 10's are the way to go! Almost everyone agrees with you on them.

Living in So. Cal I don't worry about rain that much. If given the choice I wont ride in the rain anyway. The tires I've had so far...

Pilot HPX

Here is the rundown. The pilots and the pilot HPX's are extrememly expensive for how long they last. They wear out just as fast as my 010's.. ( about 1200 miles ) but when they give up..its without warning. The pilots also suck in the rain.. IMHO. Compared to the O10's they don't provide as much grip..as long and cost about 85 dollars more for the rear..and about 45 more for the front. Bad deal. The OEM's are a waste. The tires were developed early in the R/D with the '99 Hayabusa. So, that makes them about 4-5 years old in tire tech at least. With that tire you get crap for grip, crap for mileage and when they go off on you its without warning. Now for the 010's. I like them... up to a point. They provide excellent grip. The 010's won't let you down until they are about 85 percent gone. Then they will start to slip. At that point it doesn't matter because the tire is worn from the outside lip to about 4 inches in towards the center with no rain channels to be seen. When that happens the tire will feel like it has a 3 different radius sections on it. The middle will be almost new and quite cone shaped. Just down from that towards tha outside of the tire there is a 1 inch section that has a noticable lip ( new compound ) that is lower and with minimal rain channels. The last 2 inches till the tire is at the rim is yet another compound and it is also a smaller radius with no rain channels SO, when I enter a turn I feel the tire tuck in and the bike falls as I leave the center of the tire. It does this again when I get the bike down to put my knee into the corner. Then at full lean the bike settles again and drops yet again as I reach the outer edge. This can be quit unsettling if you've never felt it before. The first time this happened I remember checking the tire pressure. I had 34 cold. When I warmed up the tire and started hitting the twisities with it the tire gave me the impression that it was flat. This tire is great but when it goes it goes fast. I remember leaving the local riding spot with it down past the wear bars with about a 2 inch strip in the middle that was near new. The next time out the tire felt flat and it wore to the belts. The front tire just likes to cup like crazy and then lose its rain channels altogether. This means I have few miles left at full lean.

Why do I keep going to them.. 'Cause they are cheap. At the local shop I pay $130.00 OTD for a 200 section rear and about $90.00 for the front. That makes $245 with tax and mount and balance. The 012's are about 30 more bucks for a 190 rear and about 18 more for the front. Might check those out?

With the 010's I can srape the body of the 'busa on the ground up to the case covers ..with belts showing on the tire if I need to. ( only did that once )

Just my .02

Bad Dog
Thanks for the info Bad Dog. What do you think of the 56's? Most don't seem to like them. I am not a knee dragger yet. I would like to be but I want to ensure that I got good rubber under me before I get that far in my development. Thanks again for all the info...