Fear factor


Think of the most scary adrenalin sport you’ve ever done? For me it was windsurfing the Oregon Cost in shark infested 38-degree water complemented by 25 to 40 mph winds. Lost my board in the ripe-tide and almost swam to the moon. Another time lost my board in big winds and had to swim to shore – 2 miles with temps in the high 40’s. Funny thing is, I was like a fishing bobber out there and my friends couldn’t see me. I was on my own. Couldn’t walk when I hit the beach, hypothermia. What really freaks me out is, my mother telling me when I was a tot. I rode the stroller down the basement stairs right hand turn and all upright.
Uh, Hank...38 degree water?...... I don't think that there was a head impact during the stroller incident that maybe isn't being shared.....
hey gaprider i was thinking the same thing?? damn 38 degrees??? and sharks! that's too scary hank!!

i was scuba diving in southern cal when the largest shark i have ever seen in my life swam right over my head. my friend was frantically trying to get my attention to dive deeper towards the coral with him and wait for the shark to leave. i was frozen and scared sh*tless.. i eventually came to my senses when the shark made a second pass and slowly went down. that was the most frightening experience i have ever had. i thought scuba diving was supposed to be calm and serene, you know, one with the elements. well, i forgot sharks were part of the element. :whip: :hammerhead:
Well, I didn't have a temp gage with me but it seemed as cold as Lake Superior (I would never sail the Oregon coast again). I also know of a guy who was sailing down at South Padre Island, the wind died and he had to swim in on his board. Sharks were circling him and he had to beat them off any way he could.
My greatest fear factor was being hit by lighting in my house some years back. I was forced across the room 12 feet and knocked out. I saw death looking back at me fortunately he had another party to go to. The house was struck 2 more times, yhea I have lighting rods up now and I do not like to get caught in the lighting.
Being on the wrong side of the road on a blind curve..on a bike.. cold tires once..slid on gasoline once..and slid on oil once..but did not go down..two of those times..as soon as i got back on my side of the road....a car came...also waaayyy
too late braking..just too much speed..got slowed for the turn just barely.......remember these incidents well..try not to duplicate..again..OMG..now i have a Busa....where do i go from here....pay attention big time..Be safe ya'll..Ralph in nevada..
Getting on the highway tonight after work. Me and a friend got on the gas a little hard. Going well over 100 checked the mirriors and saw pretty red and blue lights coming up behind us. We got off the gas and slowed down. That is when he just passed us. Thankfully he was already going elsewhere.
You guys don't know scarey.... I almost go back with my ex-wife one time !! Then sanity kicked in
Hey, Last weekend I was toolin down the highway when a car spunout in front of me I was in the left lane behind the car, I was doing 80mph the car hit the soft shoulder the rear end went left I was going to swing around to the right but I hesitated in anticipation to see what was next, then the car hit the rail and came across my frontend luckily I had swung left.The only damage was to my heart and hair I have a few more grays .close call
Hey LO, where do you dive up there my freinds say they dive by Monterey for abalone.I don't know how you guys go into shark infested waters but everytime you go into those waters should be the scariest.I love diving ,but not with sharks.I think I'll keep my cive log entries in the caribe.
frisbee, LOL

jetset, i used to (too many sharks for this girl) dive up north of monterey (Bodega Bay) for abalone. but it was like the sharks were waiting for us, as soon as you get the abalone free from the rocks they start swarming. that was too much for me!!!

sounds like alot of "scariest moments" involved riding. glad you all are here to talk about it....
OK I have been scared a couple of times but in all honesty I havent had time to be scared on my bike it happens too quick and I would like to say I have some great skill but I think alot is luck When I bought my GSXR750 I stil had my FZ600 I jumped it over a small bon fire at a pit party on a dare (no i wasnt drinking) I love scuba diving in class once someone kicked the reg out of my mouth small panic but my lessons took over and I put it back in I have a stock car so I have spun been spun wrecked and flipped over several times including one where I went across the middle of the track and T-boned this guy that ran me off the track (got kicked out for 2 weeks) The most adrenaline rush though was my second flying lesson he just sat there and let me land it felt like we where all over the place up down sideways I even asked him if I was doing alright he said your doing fine God I felt like we where going to crash but we where ok Now i tke my daughter up she loves it kid after my own heart
Was dragracing at a legal race track when the car in the other lane lost control and crossed into my lane fishtailing into my front end and highsiding me off the bike at over 100mph. I did not get a mark on me all the safty gear did its job but I had to trash my underwear as they were stained beyond repair. My bike went through the traps at 12.89 at 83mph on its side with me just a little behind probably a low 13 et.......
Sitting at a three way stop sign waiting for the other cars to go, I hear screeching tires and I look in the mirrors and see a car sliding toward me from behind. I popped the clutch and lurched 8 feet to the left and the car slid about 20 feet past where I was and then hit the gas and took off. Freakin' Genius! :hammerhead:
:hammerhead: Had a group ride, about 10 bikes, cruzin down a country road, when the bike in front of me starts sliding all over the place, tring to figure out what the hell this guy is doing and next thing ya know Im sliding all over, we both managed to stay up right and slow to a stop, found out that this guys oil drain plug had came loose and fell out, oil everywhere, it happend so fast and the oil was so clean that I never seen it comming till it was to late.
Lesson Learned..............buy a Busa and be the leader not the follower!

OK another bad story from me I lost my drain plug in my 88 GSxr750 after I got hit and was getting my 1100 my friend stopped me saw it come out before the light came on it was stil way slippery I stopped at a loacal store bought a marks-a-lot marker took the cover off and pounded it in with a rock put oil in burned the tire off and road home it was a bitch to get out hehe
Lets see where to begin.

in 93 I was hit by a drunk and broke both legs 1 arm 7wrist bones both ankles and a knee cap.

in 94 had 4 bikes go down in front of me doing about 120mph
came out lucky

in 95 laid my bike down at the end of a wheelie coming toward
a four way stop tumbled backwards to a stop against a t-birds back bumper.

in 96 had 3 friends go down in front of me with a chick on my bike. I missed one guys head by a foot on my way into the ditch and came out lucky again.

in 00 after a few years of luck I hit 2 dogs crossing the road I was street racing on. result 4 broken toes and 2 dead dogs.


Looking back at these I'm not sure if their was fear it seems adrenaline brings you to a level where fear and pain can't reach.

Now in 98 when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant I was scared shi*less and almost went into convulsions.
rgd808, think your going to have a lot of aches and pains as you get older - is it 9 lives you get - maybe. Lucky you haven't broke your neck! Keep chillen dude.
1988 on a '87 750 Interceptor riding to work in the rain hung over at 7:30 on a Saturday morning when a 77 yr. old man makes a shrp right turn right in front of me (he was in the left lane). I T-Boned him and landed on my head (helmet) after doing a superman over the car. The result was 2 metal plates in the left arm and a triple break in the right arm. I yr of therapy to do a push-up again, 2 yrs for the settlement and the purchase of my new ZX-7. Lesson learned......don't ride hung over in the rain
I would have to say that the biggest scare I have ever had was when I was about 15 on my ten speed.  This one road I always rode on had a steep hill on it.  Tenth gear and pedaling as hard as I could I was pushing the speed limit and cars would just pass me very slowly.  At the bottom of the hill was the boat launch at the local lake.  The car in front of me was waiting for traffic to clear to make the left turn into the launch.  The guy, that I didn't know was behind me, must have been watching me instead of the other car in front of us.  Because all of a sudden all I heard was tires squealing behind me.  I swerved hard, hit the curb, flipped off the bike and hit the grass rolling.  I thought I was dead for sure.  I got very lucky not a scratch.  The guy behind me stopped before he hit either one of us.  After about five minuets to regain my composer and get my heart out of my throat is when the anger set in.  That idiot never even stopped to see if I was ok he just drove away like nothing happened.