FATHERS: What u gettin?


Yes, the big day is coming up, a little later than usual this year but coming nontheless. This year I have to say I am drawing a bit of a blank as to what I might have on my gift list from my two boys. Busa related items are certainly big but unfortunately they are a little pricey for a 13 and 14 year old when their funding comes from their mother who is also my ex.

I was wondering if you dads out there had any cool ideas or recommendations?:confused2:


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Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there... I grew up without a father so i respect all of you guys who are still around for your families.

im 26, it will be another 5 years until im a father :p


yea i don't know what to get my father. he doesn't ride and no i cant affort 2 get him a bike or i would. i was thinking a magnetic parts holder. he doesn't have one and i think he would use it


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I am trying to decide what to get hubby from me and the little guy. If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to post em up.


From Kids, Busa cleaning supplies are always good, tire cleaner wash cloth glove, stuff like that.


Non-contact surface thermometer ($15 - $50 on ebay).

Small digital tire pressure guage ($15 - $30).

A box of 33 db ear plugs ($3).

A metal plate so that the kickstand does not sink in hot asphalt (home depot <$2, elect. dept. one of those used in electric mounting, it's about 4" x 4").


Haven't talked to my seed donor for about 2 years so he gets NOTHING.

What am I getting? Don't care if I get anything but my family together with some good BBQ and good times!:beerchug:

I have become the Eldest Father in my wife's family after father in law passed a couple of years back. MY mother in law told me that I am to continue his traditions, make them my own and in time add to it. (I married into a traditional Hispanic family. Father in law ((MY DAD)) was white and a 32 year NAVY Master Chief). RIP Daddy!


Bates custom leather suit. Set of BST wheels. New tires front and back. Full carbon inners. K & N air filter.. PC III....

then i woke up.......
likely just a card....:rofl:
and happy with that.


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Golf Clubs! I dont even golf:poke:, but my son does!:thumbsup: Guess i can take the hint.:laugh:


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I get the day to spend on my beloved Busa with my Father and 2 brothers. :thumbsup:

I can't think of anything better to do on Fathers Day than to continue the tradition of the family ride. We normally clock somewhere around 500 miles for the day.

That is the best of times.:beerchug:

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The car/busa cleaning supplies are a good idea as you can never have too many or be too clean......I was thinking of picking up the new McGuiers Headlight cleaning/polishing kit that I've seen the ads for recently (bad clouding on the car headlight covers)...maybe I'll ask for that instead of buying it myself?

Oh well, forget that idea...I just checked and the Maguiars kit is just PlastX with a buff pad and shammy. I already have all of those things so no need to buy it. Next idea?


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For me I'm gonna be in Disney World Florida with my two children whom I have not seen since Feb 08 (lil trip to Iraq). Happy Father's Day to all.

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