You wasn't kidding about Graphic, any Idea what country?
And thanks for the eye opener!
jeeze, why did i go ahead and look at that... that was disgusting.. and the bike didn't even look that bad... must have been ejected and then run over.....

please everyone, be safe watchout for everyone and everything around you and WEAR YOUR HELMETS!!!! (not that it would have helped that poor soul....)
yea these pictures have been floating around the internet for a while. The story I heard was that he was run over by a semi-truck, and got wedged inbetween the rear tires and was shredded. There is another picture of a guy who slid into a curb face first without wearing his helmet on rotten.com, causing one hell of an injury, and yes he lived through it, I dont know how


I figured if I could look at those pics and still hop on my bike, I'll accept any fate it gives me. I tell ya what, you wont catch me riding without jeans, hi-top sneakers, my joe rocket textile or leather jackets, gloves, and my RF900 helmet. I figure I've got about $1000 worth of protective clothing, to give me the best chance possible.

Thats what I dont understand about harley riders. First off, their bikes cant corner, accelerate or stop for crap, meaning they dont have the time or options we do to react to a situation. Second, they drink alcohol like water when they are together, causing them to lose coordination, balance, and concentration, all of which are imperative to safe motorcycle operation. Third, THEY DONT EVEN WEAR HELMETS OR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING!!!!!!

I guess that's why they are "bad to the bone"! LOL

I shouldnt have seen those pics.. I cannot show them to anyone of my friends or relatives. I guess he was riding on a wet road too. God, I hope that never happens to anyone ever.

I gotta go, I'm feeling sick, thinking about his relatives & friends.
Im my line of work I have seen some things like that. I guess the more I see the better I handle it. Not that I like seeing things like that. It makes you think, but the last picture looks more like a gun shot wound I have seen a few years back. Take care my friends make sure we don't give people the chance to take any more pictures like them.
Not an EMT.... I'm a City Police Officer, SWAT team member, Police firearms instructor... It can be sad what people can do to them selves and others... It takes a very special person to be an EMT or a doctor.
In a nut shell be happy it did not open, most people look at it and they wish they were as lucky as you SmiLyPR4U.
I can't see it either...stupid websense!!!

You dont need to see it. Just drive very safely and carefully. Dont do any stupid stunts on public roads and avoid wet roads on a sprtsbike. And all other safety measures.

If I had a kid and I saw that picture, I would've thought of giving up m/cycle riding, it made me so sick.