Fastest Bike in 1980


17 years old fresh out of high school, saving my pennies, dimes and quarters for years.  This is what I purchased for my wheels.  My poor parents.  If my 17 year old kid came home with this as his first bike I would have had a coronary.

I had my hands full as it were, with my old Kawi triple.  It could go like stink, but handled like a fridge, and had brakes like a 10 speed bicycle. Come to think of it, that's  pretty much like my V-max was also.


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I got my license in 1981 on a Triumph Tiger 650.
16 years old.. Ahhh the memories.........................


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(brad @ Sep. 13 2006,01:32) How many now busa owners/riders were around in 1980?  
Do any of you guys remember this poor handling machine?
I had one of those too back around 86. Mine was a red repaint. As I recall, it had quite a bit more power than the 900Z1 I had in 80. I was the same though, fresh out of school and imortal...


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In 1981 I had a Honda 450 four cyl. with extended forks,king/queen seat and big ol sissy bar!
I used to ride it to trade school.ish I had some pics of it!!!
I still have my '81 GS-1100-EX that I bought new when I was 19.  And no, that turbo Kaw could not keep up with it.  A buddy had one and I could leave him for dead at any reasonable road speed, and he could only nip at my tail light when on boost.

While I LOVE my 'busa, my GS-11 (Thor) has been my #1 forever.  Currently over 60K miles on the clock and the engine is untouched, though 3rd is now skipping.  Too many slam shifts over the years.

He's now in what I call "working retirement" in that it's no longer worth it to street race (unless an old KZ get's cocky), but is a GREAT sport tourer.  Again, not a 'busa, but does a damned respectable job on the Dragon anyway.  Here's a pic on a trip in Colorado.  Long live 80's motorcycles!

I had the '78 Kawi KZ1000 Z1R - no turbo. Not a terribly bike... - it really took off at about 7k rpm. Had a ton of fun on that bike with my Kerker on it crusing Topanga Canyon and Mulholland just about every day. (This was 1984)

My cousin's turbo Z1R - that was a pretty fast bike. But the new '84 Ninja's - whooped my arse. (Course I sucked as a rider.)


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(1300hemibusa @ Sep. 13 2006,10:38) I had my 79 CBX and kickin ass and taking names till the GS1100 came out in 1980 ....Traded in the CBX for a GS1100 real quick !!!
I also had a 79 CB/X loved it. Terrible handling but with a Hooker 6 into 1 header on it who cared.


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(heavybusa @ Sep. 13 2006,06:54) hmmm, lets see.

Where was I in 1980.....

Oh yeah BEING BORN!!! 04/17/80!!

old timers!!
Well, ya miss out on the best years of your life that you didn't live  
 to life  
(rocket1 @ Sep. 13 2006,08:51)
(1300hemibusa @ Sep. 13 2006,10:38) I had my 79 CBX  and kickin ass and taking names  till the GS1100  came out in 1980 ....Traded in the CBX for a GS1100  real quick !!!  
I also had a 79 CB/X loved it. Terrible handling but with a Hooker 6 into 1 header on it who cared.
I was 24 in 79 when i got the CBX Silver and black ..I work for a honda dealer ..My cost 1,800.00 ....In 81 i got a low mile used one to play with .Big bore with 11.5.1s cams and head work ..I added a Gs 1100 swing arm and a 6 into one winning header ...I ran open exhaust everywhere ...Nothing like the sound of a CBX at 13500... It ran good for back then , a friend i sold it to made a 10.20s pass on it at Desoto speedway....

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