Faster way to lift petrol tanks..???

'silver bullet'

Anybody can help regarding the Petrol tank mods....i mean using pins than screws..??? Easy access to lift the petrol tank..And where can i get those pins??
A pretty good idea to me would be to sheer off the heads of the stock bolts and drill a very small hole close to the end where the head was...all the way through both of them (drill from the sides).  Then use some Loctite on the threads to hold them in place once you screw them back in (drilled holes must be on top).  Get you some small cotter pins (spreadable clamp type) and just push in.  Pull out when you're ready to lift tank.  Just my .02, but it can be worth a million bucks sometimes.

Hi..Brian thanks 4 the info anyway...any photo samples available...??
Or any idea from the rest of BUSAS Brothers...!!
You would be better off going to a hardware store and getting longer bolts that match the thread. Save those stockers in case you need them. ;)

Thanks for reminding me, too. I think I'll stop by and get a couple tomorrow.