Fast Sucker!!


Heh who said this Busa can't shift?
I dont know if I'm posting in the right place? Just got my 02busa 2 weeks ago. I 've had no mod's as yet. But I am astounded by the acceleration on her compared with other bikes I have had, B12, VFR8, ZX7, etc..

I have been reading all posts with ref to the Busa losing out to the Gixerthou on acceleration!? Can this be so? When I pin that throttle in 2nd it's bye-bye to everything! Can it really keep with that acceleration? I cant see how it can considering the mammouth task of keeping the front down on a some 170kg machine?! Heh, but I'm no expert!!!

What would happen if I went up 3 teeth at the back in terms of acceleration against the aforementioned Gixerthou??

Thanks alot guys for putting up with my rambling. I feel like a big kid even thinking about things like this?!

Were all big kids when it comes to the busa!

I've NEVER heard of a stock busa losing to a stock gixxer. Nope. Nope.

Definitely make sure you get used to the bike before changing any gearing. I had mine for 7 months before I went down 1 tooth in the front. Then it was like a new feeling all over again! skeered the tar outta me!
Heh thanks for the reply cache!

I think for the moment I have plenty of power! Still getting used to all that Torque shifting the wheel in an unerving fashion.

My sentiments exactly with regards to gixerthou, fast but ever so light= Handful!? Just that I was going through all the threads, including some other boards/web-sites. The majority go in favour of the thou upto 90?! Hence the question... Since I'm a relative virgin, cough-cough, to the very fast lifestyle. The impression I get when i open her up in 2nd is phenomenal!!! How can thousand cc keep with, let alone pass, as some have mentioned???

Should of seen what she did to my ol-fella's Pan-euro tonight!! I got pissed off cause I thought he backed off and slowed right down. "No". Was the resounding answer from my dad, "it's that f@£king thing of yours". I hasten to add he's pissed off with the Pan now. Moaning about his red-line!

Cheers fella's

The simply reason is that the 1k holds up to the big bird is the weight. Busa=480lbs, 1k=380lbs. If you go on the equation that 7lbs=1hp, then 100lbs=14.28hp. That brings these 2 bikes a lot closer.
yea the 1K can keep up with the busa, especially when you race off the line. The 1000 is slightly faster in the 1/4 mile, but only by like 1/10 of a second. But it really comes down to rider experience and comfort with the bike. My friend Cal has a Gixxer1000, but he's got over 50,000 miles experience on motorcycles. He knows exactly how to launch his bike the hardest, exactly when to shift, exactly how much throttle to give the bike to get the maximum acceleration without pulling the front up, and he's tough to keep up with.

He also rides like a lunatic, and launches hard out of every single stoplight and stopsign. Every time he stops he imagines he's at a track looking at the tree. I know it's nuts but that's how it does it. You drive around with that mentallity, and you'll see how much faster you are, lol

That's my point exactly discreet, by virtue of the power to weight ratio the thou does perform. However, surely with all that power to such a light bike how can the wheel be kept down on take offs. I guess that all comes down to experience??

Having owned a B12 with the usual fs mod, that was fast off the line. But christ, whatever you gained in thrust you lost in the bike being vertical and feeling unstable.

I could be wrong here, but isn't the busa geared differently? Playing d-advocate, what would happen if the busa was geared the same? Would the acceleration be all the thous' way or would the big girl pull from the thou?? Would that gearing then compromise the front wheel leaving slower acceleration?

I love talking about this cause it does seem standard for standard the thou is the only bike to trouble a busa on standing start to 100?!

Cheers again!

Well I am no expert. I only repeat what I here so take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

I only have one friend that drag races. He just dynoed his 1k. He has about 190 at the tire. He just got the motor back. He is going to run stock length to keep it streetable and use wheelie bars for the track. I have no clue what class he runs in. He said the Busa's weight and length are a huge benefit when launching. It is very hard to keep the 1k on the ground. That is the advantage there. I think it is really going to boil down to rider expertise. Then you can factor in all the weight diff's, i.e. rider weight. Then mods and gearing. In the end the Busa is still the drag strip king.
I owned several gsxr 1000's and  I hate to say it but they are faster  up till about 100mph then the  Busa will start to pull on it.The Busa has more potential as far as building the motor goes. The main thing is the rider,it all comes down to the rider.