Fall of motorcycle at dragway


Anyone see this yet? They say at the time he was going over 200mph.

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Thanks Blanca Busa for the version that works.......:thumbsup:

Nasty fall to the ground that's for sure......

It almost looked like he was either trying to wave to someone or simply just got blown off his bike.

What a terrible way to exit a run...........:whistle:
Same thing happened to Elmer Trett years ago. He didn't make it. That level of racing is close to being a blood sport in my opinion.
wonder what happen?

hi peoples what happened to the bloke, there is a bump after the finish line u bounce of the seat on my bike @ only 160 mph he was doing 230 mph, hes hand came of the bar & got pulled of the bike, it looked as if he stepped of it.the wind dragged him of it.