Factorypro Service/contact?


Over five weeks ago I ordered a shift star and shift pro kit from FactoryPro, I began chasing them (via email) a couple of weeks ago about delivery and have received very patchy responses regarding delivery (mention of a backlog and promise of sending one part which hasn't arrived). Trying their number just rings off the hook.

Can anyone advise of any issues with them or a sure fire way to contact them?

Are there any other dealers/manufacturers of these parts?


Had enough with these jokers now.

I placed an order with them on 26th of April 2016 for two components (shift star, detente arm). After four months of patchy emails and responses, phone calls not being returned or answered I raised a PayPal dispute to try and get my money back. They waited until the last day of the dispute (before it would have automatically gone in my favour) and added a tracking number. Clearly knowing what they were doing.

I live in the Caribbean so it took a few weeks to arrive, by which point the PayPal dispute automatically closed as a tracking number was supplied, on receiving the package only one of the items was in there. The other item was not present. Further email/phone calls/etc. to find out what was going on were ignored.

As it stands, I've still not received the second paid for item, they don't answer emails and the person who occasionally answers the phone claims the owner is always out.

Hoping that by sharing the experience other forum users will not have to be ripped-off by these con artists.


Sucks man, hope you get things worked out. It pisses me off because most of us are spending hard earned cash on our Busas and when we get stiffed it can bring a project to a screeching halt.


Weirdly enough, I finally received a refund. Not sure if because of forum shouting and they're trying some form of saving face... either way, still ridiculously poor service, 6months+ of consistent chasing, only to receive half the order and having to fight for a refund of the goods due to me. That's the end of it for me. If others try, good luck to them!

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