Factory tail light part number?


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Anyone know what it is?

1156 or 1157?

I'm trying to get replacement LED's!


That's the whole rear tail light assembly, I just need the actual "BULB" part number?


I can't remember the number, so you're on your own, however, don't pay huge prices for the bulbs. I went to autozone, and found the clear ones for like $10 or so. I believe they are 1157's, but don't quote me. You definately should get the service manual. It's invaluable if you turn any wrenches at all.
Neither the shop manual nor the owners manual are of any help at all. I just checked both for ya and other than showing where they go and how to change them it doesn't say what number they are.

Here's the specs from the shop manual if this helps.

"12V 21/5W"

Don't know if that'll be shown on the 1156/1157 packs or not but it should be, I'd think. Sorry I can't provide further.
Ok, I think the only difference between 1156 and 1157 is single (1156) and double (1157) filaments. The brake light bulbs also serve as the tail lights so they would have to be double filament. One filament to burn as tail light and a brighter one for when the brakes are on. I have a spare set of brake light bulbs in hand and they are double filament.

The specs I posted above show that the bulbs burn at 5 watts for a tail light, and 21 watts when the brakes go on.

So, the brake/tail light bulbs should be the 1157.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I guess by now, though, you've either got bulbs or been rear ended! I hate when someone pulls up an old azz thread and I don't check the "born on date" before I reply!!! Grrrrrrrrr...
You're right. I kicked myself for you. I'll check the dates from now on....I just heard that JFK was shot....
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