Extended Warranties


Hey, my local dealership is offering an extended warranty contract with the 'busa purchase.  It ends up coming to about $680/no deductible for five years, and is transferrable for $100.  I don't believe that it covers standard maintenence (oil changes etc), just when stuff breaks.

I went ahead and took it because I figured the bike is bound to require maintenence over 5 years, and it should increase the resale value somewhat if I ever need to sell it.

Anyone else here pick up one of these types of contracts?  Does it sound like it's worth it?

Yeah if you ever have a major problem with the bike you'll be glad you purchased the extended warranty...Alot of people have spoken badly of Suzuki's desire to cover some warranty repairs...However, I believe that the problem more than likely is when the shop calls in a request for warranty repair and the mechanic is clueless to what he's saying...Never had any problem with kaw on warranty issues...My local shop is cool and they help alot on warranty issues...
I bought one also. I mainly bought it because of the wonderful job the shop did fixing my bike after my wreck. If there was something they could do wrong they found it. Anyway, it will help resale value greatly. That is if you ever decide to sell. Like that will ever happen.
It really depends on the shop and wether they will go to bat for you. I worked at a Kawi, Duc, Yamaha, etc dealer. We did all we could, but most bikes don't have warranty issues unless you beat them badly. Most manufacturers would warranty the bike after the warranty ran out if it was a common problem. I cracked the frame on my 00' ZX-9. It was common and they didn't even blink an eye. They wouldn't do a damn thing on my tranny. Cost me $900 my cost.
I went ahead and got the extended waranty with mine. It was an extra 495$. I figured that I would have saved money this way if the something decides to die on it.
I got it just figuring that it's a high performance machine and if it breaks it's going to be expensive.