Extended swingarm


How far can I extend my swingarm, and still be Street Bike legal for bracket racing? I know there is a limitation on how long your wheel base can be in the street bike class, just don't know what it is.
I think this was asked elsewhere on the site and the answer was that it depends on the racing association that your events run under, like NHRA, Prostar, etc... They all have their own classes and own set of rules. Check with the track where you intend to race and find out which association holds the races you want to participate in and get their rule book for your class. That's the only real way to get an accurate answer to your question. ;)
I raced at a IHRA track in street, the only rules was you had to run a muffler, bike had to have inspection, tags, and insurence. No wheelie bars.

so I ran mine at 65 1/2" (7 1/2" over) and ran a slick,,,slammed to the ground, yea,,I got some funny looks the first time I pulled it off the trailer
I posted the 04' Prostar rule book. Can't remember where now. Do a search. Hope It helps.
Found and re-posted. In the 1/4 mile forum.  

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