Extended Swing Arms. Where? 2 Go

Yeah I know several places, but they are all on the weast coast. Here's two if you can't find any closer to you.

Alum-a-chrome -- They can stretch it and chrome it - They do all my work and they are close by :D

Myrtle West Cycle --Seen there work, but have never heard any complaints

both have web sites but i can't remember what they are
I bought some that are adjustable out ot 7" and I have not taken them off for around a year. Now that I am sending everything off to get chromed I am just having them welded in before hand.
Trac Arms they have a site, not sure the address or Macintosh.
Psychobike.com ask for Frank, he's sometimes on this site. call him, he's in Lafayette Indiana, very great work!, 765-448-9057. I fvery serious in racing ask for the underbracing. Really functional.