Extended ramble about considering owning a busa


I do not own a Hayabusa. I've been eyeing them for well over two years now, but have been putting my wife through dental school, so we've been living on Mac & Cheese for 3 years now.
That all comes to an end when she graduates next month, and the household income should more than double.

So I've been thinking long and hard about a new skooter. If I buy a Busa, it would be the sixth motorcycle I've owned since I was a kid. (Just turned 34) My last bike was a Ninja.

But I've never owned a motorcycle while being married, and she's not overly enthusiastic about the idea. She's never experienced motorcycles, and tends to be conservative, etc. So I've got that to contend with.

Then there's the topic of having a baby. I really want to be a dad an awfull lot more than I want another motorcycle, and I'm not sure if the two things go together. Riding definately has it's assumed risks, and anyone who's even half intelligent will agree. Is it right to take those kinds of risks if I have a pregnant wife or newborn in the house? That's something only I can answer, and I haven't decided yet. My priority food chain is: 1. Family, and 2. Self

I've researched ALL of the bikes, and I mean ALL of them. Weighing the different pro's and con's of each, what the write-ups have to say, etc. Going to many dealers and looking them all over for the last year, etc. Heck, I've even looked at the Ducatis. (A few minutes sitting on one of those things, and you'll know new thresholds of pain. Talk about uncomfortable.)

So anyway, there I am. I don't own. But I want to own. Just not sure if it's RIGHT for me to own. Not looking for absolution, just felt like rambling a bit. Comments welcome.

OK so that sounds like a repeat of what I said when my wife wanted a baby...... Then we had my first son, and I said I need outta here whats the fastest way possible, thats how I found out about the Hayabusa. Kidding aside I went through the exact same thing a few years ago and the wisest man I know (Dad) told me that life has to be balanced. When kids are first born they want mom no matter how good of a dad you are, you need to be there for your wife more than the kids.... But there are those times that you need to get away too, you need to have the special time with your other new baby the Hayabusa........ Work is the same way, it has to be balanced, don't take your personal life to work and don't bring work to the house at night a job can't love you back..... If money is not a big factor then I say go for it everyone needs something to do to get away and have a little personal time...... I have 2 awesome boys now and one is old enough that power rangers, star wars and dad's Hayabusa are about the coolest thing out there.............

Good Luck





Gotta admit it was love at 1st site when I logged on to the Suzuki site one day just surfin the net... and OMG! what the hell is that!!!! but when it finally arrived aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwgggggggggrrrrrrrrrrhhhh!. I had sat on 2 of them but bought site unseen and unridden. When I first turned the key and all those lights and guages came to life.... cant describe. And it continues for more than a year now, I've had and rode other bikes but for me nothin comes close!! " thats all I gotta say about that"!
I think its a given you will love the bike.

I find this hard to say without being condescending, but that is not my intention, so I'll say it -

Based on your message, you sound like you have your head on straight. You know what is really important in life, and that can make all the difference in the world. I've recently learned that (I'm 28 and have calmed down CONSIDERABLY in the last few years). My testosterone used to frequently get the best of me, but now, I know that a few seconds of thrill are not worth it. I don't have kids, but I have a wife, and many friends that I love very much. It sounds like you are in a similar situation and won't behave like so many of the dumba$$ squids I see doing tank sits in rush hour traffic.

I guess what I'm trying to say is yes motorcycling has its risks, but so does driving a car. If you follow all the best practices, you reduce those risks significantly.

If money is a concern, save it for your child, no doubt. If it isn't then its what you feel is best.

Whichever decision you make will be the right one. Good luck, and if you do get a 'Busa, come back and be a part of the group!


I actually took my wife on a bike when she was about 8 months pregnant--this wasn't a busa but a bandit. We got a few looks around the neighborhood--trust me...

The point is that you only live once and yes you can have both. When I think about getting stupid on the bike, i think about my family. Then the throttle comes back a bit.

We all go through our lives taking many risks. I got my wife to realize that I have to do some things to make my life mine too. I love my baby and wife and I wouldn't intentionally jeopardize that.
Amen Jayplanet! And any responsible fam man should allways carry life ins. Not just because of your motorcycle habit but for all unforseen circumstances... Keep the faith - ride safe.