Expensive mistake

Well, I finally worked up the nerve to drill the fairing and put on my frame sliders. The right side went on great, looks great. The left side on the other hand.....
Well I missed.
I am about 1/8 of an inch off, so I ordered a new left side, and will take extra time, so as not to destroy this one.
Anybody looking for a left side, white, pre-drilled in the wrong spot for a frame slider?

Frame sliders-100 bucks
New left side-500 bucks
drywall tape-5 bucks
joint compound-3 dollars
Fixing the hole in the drywall in the garage after drilling in the wrong spot......Priceless

There are somethings money can't buy, unexpected expenses certainly do suck.
Where are the pics of the drywall LOL

1/8 of a inch is not much, you want a little space around the slider for vibration and if she does fall over. without a bit space you could get some cracks in the plastic.

Next time drill a smaller hole and trim with a Dremmel.


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+1 on an 1/8th of an inch not being a lot. You might be able to get white molding from home depot or lowes... line the hole with the molding to fill the gap, then enlarge the slider hole on the opposite side to match? Might not be perfect or prefered, but it ain't 500 bucks either...
I looked at home depot for the molding stuff and struck out. I am going to use what is left if the molding from the top of my puig windscreen to cover the inside of one of the holes. Anybody got any of that molding stuff left over, and laying around?


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AutoZone, Wal-Mart, and a few other places carry it...so I've been told because I never came across it when I looked.

I bought mine from my local dealer for $5....Lockhart Phillips Windscreen Trim.


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1/8" doesn't sound bad at all. Have a picture? I could see if you were off an Inch or 2, but all the $$$$$ for 1/8"
The problem is, I am an 1/8 of an inch just to get the base through. Once I get there, I am not sure if there will be any more clearance issues. It just looks bad.


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I would take a dremel to BOTH sides and then trim them with the door jam plastic.I had mine like that at one time, looked pretty cool.



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I saw some fairing mushroom bolts that are intended to help protect the plastic if a drop happens... I might look into those, myself.


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Go to Lowes or HD and get some bulk, white extension cord. Lay it out flat and carefully cut a slit thru the white outer part with a razor blade. Pull out the inner cords - you should be left with the round, white shell.....with a slit.

Here's your home-made molding stuff!

Wrap this around the hole for the sliders and use clear silicone to adhere it.

Does all this make sense?
Yep, I did buy a new fairing, for 311 bucks. I may keep the old one for track plastics, or I may e bay it trying to make up some of the lost cash.

I'm dumb.

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