Expected hp from PC and Yosh full exhaust?


Im trading my 99 R1 for a busa. Its a 2000 with PC and full Yosh exhaust. What would you guys expect this thing to dyno at the rear wheel. I figured out the weight of me and the R1 @134 horse and weight of me and Busa with the stock rating of 150hp...its a break even deal. So Im hoping the exhaust and Pc make a big difference.
You should get 13-18 hp. The R-1 isn't even close to the busa. What mods do you do on the R-1 to get 134 hp?
No mods...stock. My friends are running Micron exhaust and getting 147 rear wheel! So what I dont need is them blowing by me on my Busa....Ill never hear the end of it.
No way they are going to "blow by you" on the R1! A stock busa is 175 HP and from what I have read around 160 rwhp.