Exhuast by...

I am running and very happy with a Brock pipe. Rumor has it he is coming out with a new improved pipe soon. The line starts here.
I love the looks of Ninja eaters turbo exhaust but I am not sure if I would like the noise too loud but it looks clean with no exhast can on the side just a drop pipe


The Watcher
Some cans on a big bore are actually producing more noise then a dump pipe. My dump pipe is a little longer then most that come right of the header, but you are right it’s louder then some and has more noise then others. Interesting you can stack up about 20 pipes and each will have different decibel levels.

Oh and by the way thanks for the compliment, we need to get out for a ride this Spring.

Deffinatly NE Maybe a little better planning on my part I realy wasnt sure where we were going that day . Old orchard is a nice cruise spot but you dont get to ride so maybe some back roads . Are you going to Bike week in NH next year I hope it doesnt rain as much this year sucked

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