Exhaust Tips Sound Terrible

A couple of friends have these little chrome exhaust tips that remove their exhaust cans, This is the worst sounding thing ever. I was standing at work this morning before going inside, I hear the worst sounding motorcycle ever coming, Co-worker has just put those little chrome tips on his bike and removed his muzzy exhaust, it sounds like crap, Anyone ever heard one sound good with these things.
My brother put on a Voodoo exhaust tip on mine before I got it off of him*. To be honest I like the sound and how loud it is, my only gripe with it. The bike likes to "gargle" and putter a lot when accelerating and decelerating. Then again it could be cause of the one side being capped off.

*Should note my dad had Yoshimura dual pipes on it before, and then had two tips put on, before it got to my brother. Yep 3rd generation hayabusa owner. :)

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