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I had a car pull out infront of me and was hit by another bike. anyways my left side RS3 can was beat up pretty bad. Here is my issue. Which is the lesser of two evils here, modify and weld my stock exhaust to make it a single exhaust with my still good right side stock mid pipe and RS3 or just run an open exhaust before the mids? I love loud exhaust but think the open x will be a bit much for my g/f on the back going to biketober fest but how restrictive will the single exhaust idea be? Will I lose a ton of power? Anyway this is only a temp until I buy a full exhaust in a few weeks. Thanks for all your help.


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I have the same situation here(bad left can)and had the left stock side capped off but haven't swapped the dual stocker off for the other yet,was doing dyno results too but got bored.


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You could just get on Ebay and buy a $30 stock exhaust to run and fix/replace your aftermarket one later when you have the $...


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OR you could drive to the southside of Lakeland and borrow MY stock exhaust until yours arrives. Was that you on the Cranberry and black Sat night going thru Publix around 10:30?
Well I have decided after looking more at my can that I will try to get the dent out but if not I will just shorten them around 4 inches. Will this affect anything besides just making them louder? Also Moose what color busa do you ride? We outta go out riding sometime. Thanks everyone.


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05 blue/silver dual hi-rise HMF's stretched 4" with Chrome rims and a few other goodies. You'll see me out and about on weekend nights and at Bradenton on Thursdays occasionally. Spend the majority of my time with my Son. I'm NOT gonna look back when i'm old and wish i spent more time with him!! Wednesday nights there is a bike night at Quaker Steak and Lube in Clearwater. Usually a TON of bikes there of all shapes and sizes. Wed Nights I usually have a hall pass 'cause he and mama spend time together @ church. We'll ride over there sometime soon.

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