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Hey everyone,
I have a 07 busa which has an akrapovic full exhaust, what I want is a Brocks exhaust. Now can I buy the slip-on brocks and put it on the akrapovic system?

I'm just thinking if I removed and cut the akrapovic system back some, I should be able to put on a brocks alien head slip on or something like that, just don't know if its ok to do or if I will have issues

Thank in advance


akrapovic's are a really nice system to just mess it up.I suggest you sell it and should have a nice coin to offset the cost of the brocks system and hearing protection. looking at the comparisons of both systems with regards to claimed hp and db levels i would choose akro first ( i have the full on my 06) and wouldn't go brocks simply because is way to loud.


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Im with Riccoh, sell the Akra.

I dont think they'd line up well enough to just work, they may need some bending and persuasion, which is no bueno IMO. If ya do make it work, post up how! :thumbsup:
yea I would like to sell the Akra and I do hear from everyone that the Akra is better than the Brocks , but I want the brocks sound its aggressive compared to the Akra. but Akra is better in performance. I don't know how much performance I will lose but cost is the biggest factor to me.
I do have a buddy who owns a muffler shop and any modification like cutting or bending will be done with his help.
When I do the air box mod and the exhaust , how do I find the map for my power commander? or should I just use ecu editor...idk
thanks for advice


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Aside from looks and sound, it's unlikely that you'll feel any difference in performance between the Akrapovic and Brocks exhaust.
Dyno tuning or drag time differences of each pipe would likely be minimal too.
Both companies make great stuff.
If you want the Brocks just sell the Akropovic, it should be an easy sell.


Its your stuff so ultimately nobody can tell you what to do with it but IMO it would be a damn shame to butcher such a quality just for the sake of some Brocks slip ons :banghead: If I was you I would just stick with what I have because that is undeniably one of the Top 3 exhausts on the market. Guarantee if you post that up on here it will be sold within a day and you would have money to buy a used header and mid pipe off Ebay and then you could jury rig up some Brocks Slipons if you truly have your heart set on Brocks

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