Exhaust question got remapping the ecu...


i have yoshi cans on my 05 busa,and was thinking of having the old ladys dad "owns his own muffler shop" make me up a custom exhaust kinda like the voo doo system, however it would just be a length of pipe and angle cut, no baffles or mufflers. i have the factory header setup on it,and that will remain, it would just begin right after the x part of the header and end close to the footpegs. question is, the bike it all stock aside from that,will i have to remap the computer,or buy a power programmer? its not raced or anything. just wanting to get rid of the cans,makes it hard to clean around the rear wheel/tire, and not to mention i think they look like crap. i have tried searching,and get mixed comments on the situation thanks for your time.


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No, but for the best performance you might benefit from a dyno tune. Not an expert


You shouldn't have to do anything. I maybe wrong but it would basically be a stock setup without the cans. Gonna be pretty loud though. Hope your neighbors are cool people! :whistle: