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whats the differnce between the bde and the regular hindle, how big is the weight difference, and how much of a HP difference, and, where is the best place online to get the BDE, thanks
Can't answer yer other questions but if you want to support someone that supports this board buy yer BDE Hindle from Veltune. His banner is on the main forum page and his price looks inline with other's I've seen. If I go that route I'll likely get it from Veltune since he supports the board with his ad money.  :cool:

Maybe Warbaby (owner of Veltune) can expand on yer other questions.

Better yet, here's a link to his site. Contact him and see if he can't help you out here.

Just bringin' this back to the top. I saw that Warbaby was signed on and thought maybe he'd see it. :cool:
Thanks Bullet.

I don't have personal experience with the Hindle full systems but they have a Busa dyno chart here:  Hindle Dyno Chart

In view of the limited gains shown on the chart, I suspect they just bolted it on a stocker without benefit of remapping although I am not sure.

The BDE-Hindle was developed by Brock Davidson, on the dyno and track, with some kind of working relationship with Hindle. Hindle manufactures the BDE-Hindle assembly. It is a maximum performance pipe. The whole system weighs about 8 pounds via thin-wall stainless primary tubes and a Titanium can. It is amazingly light in your hands and fits very snugly without fairing problems when properly installed. The header tubes are "stepped", increasing in diameter a few inches out of the exhaust ports. I have not been to the dyno yet but will soon with PAIR block-off's, BDE-Hindle full system, air-box mod and a BDE map in the Power Commander. I think 15 HP at the rear wheel is realistic with these easy mods. Brock's pipes work and maps are available that have been precisely dialed-in for various combinations of common mods. When you purchase a BDE pipe, you get access to areas of his web site where many tuning tips and performance realities are revealed. This is a very impressive aspect of his services to BDE customers. I've got them in stock, discounted.

I could have chosen to handle any brand of pipes out there and I chose BDE (exclusively), if that tells you anything...! :cool:

Good luck.
The full BDE-Hindle Stainless/Titanium system is $860 + $10 shipping. If you want the can satin polished by VelTune, that's another $75. Ti is a highly "reactive" metal and difficult to polish. We are one of very few shops in the country offering Ti muffler polishing. Pics and data are here:  
and here:
To gain maximum power with the BDE pipe, I recommended: PAIR Block-Off plates, air box mod (instructions included with exhaust), and Power Commander w/BDE map. I think Johnny Cheese has a group buy on Power Commanders at a great price now. I could mail or email the BDE map to you if you bought the PC from J. Cheese or, email me for a package price on the whole deal if interested.