exhaust gaskets?

Ive read and searched about changing the exhaust gaskets, some say yes and some say no. I'm installing a full system on my bike with 1,700 miles on it.

Any opinions or thoughts are appreciated :please:


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I've swapped many full exhausts on bikes with a lot more miles than that.
The gaskets should be fine at 1700 miles.
That's assuming the exhaust has never been off before and given someone the chance to overtighten and damage them.
For what the gaskets cost, I always change them. THAT'S JUST ME! I'm Anal Like That...sixpack577 is right though. I have pulled out a header that was bolted in All Fu**ed Up and the gaskets were trash.


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Me personally i change them no matter what, but if your just swapping headers, yo can get away with it!
However, if it is a Turbo, you need to change them every time!
Thanks for the thoughts.

I'm putting on a Brock's Alien Head full system and they say reuse the old gaskets. This is the first time the OEM header has been removed also.

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