These are examples of my new custom built annodized exact match alum tail lights with built in circuitry for turn signal flash control. They have built in indicators that flash seperatly as if an intergrator kit was installed.

They are currently in my Extreme graphics top gunn undertail. The seperate turn signal units are currently being built.

BUT FOR NOW THESE BABIES ARE TOP SHELF!... Ultra High Lumens superbright clear LED'S that are visible at 45 degree angles!

I will post updated pics when the unit is on the bike and when the turn signals arrive!

Yaw'll know how I does it!!!STR8 BUSA PIMP style!


The LED one on the left came with the toppgunn undertail and has a clear lens to cover it, the ones on the right are the new ones. With the clear lens attached they are the same size!

Next is supplied LED light BULB with lens removed on one side.

Next is new unit side by side with supplied unit same size.

one each installed with tail lights only lit.....


This one is both new ones installed, the pic does not do it justice. The units fit perfectly but I see I have a camera angle that misleads the space between turnsignals and new units. But it's the same as the extreme graphics supplied lights spacing PERFECT.

These nits are examples and for product testing and mounting problems etc on my TOPP GUNN undertail.

They are final products and have been available in another country for over a year and one half, and fit most undertails out there.

The units that are being custom built will be for the two light undertails as well as what I need the FOUR light VERSION, including turn signals.

The four pieces will be approximately 1/2 inch tall and exterior mounted. All annodized and available in any color.

The circuitry will then mount in the undertail and not in the unit as in here, making them smaller.

THESE ARE GREAT units again fit most undertails. As you can see they fit the top gunn as well. The next generation units will fit even better.

I will post the rest as soon as I get them wired and lit, it's tuff when your excited, well worth the wait for me. CANT WAIT FOR TURN SIGNALS. Any and all feedback DEMANDED to better the product.

My hats off to the BUSA rider .org member who built them which will not be revealed until final product is completed with all feedback included. THANKS BUT CHEAPER THAN THE OTHER BRAND AND AS NICE IF NOT NICER IMO!
I like the brightness, but not the blue look. I would need to see other colors. Silvio just shipped my tail with the next generation lights. They are on his site now.
Aight, Ive been given the green light on identical sets like you see above (options below).

Set consist of:

Two custom cut aluminum annodized lazer bright tail/brake light units w/built in electronics that also have turn signals integrated into them and flash rate control built in. (Act as all three, tail/brake/turn lights; when turn signal is activated the right or left entire LED area will flash at normal rate, while still acting as tail lights, and brake lights).

If interested I will need the following information in an email so they can be made:

Input on choice of color of annodized exterior?
nearly any color, black, medium blue, dark blue like pictured, red, silver, etc. etc. etc.

3mm LED's like pictured or 5mm LED's (slightly bigger LED's, same sized unit, but much brighter yet same craftsmanship)?

Clear LED's that shine red like above or red LED's that shine red? (do you want to see clear or red tips)

All units are professionaly manufactured and individually hand made. The best price I can get for such a GREAT unit, including cost to get them manufactured and shipped to the US to me and then to your door is $175.00 + shipping of about $5.00 I would guess to get it to you.

This will get them to .org members at about what it will cost me to get them here and shipped out.

FOR THE QUALITY OF THE UNITS THAT PRICE cannot be touched anywhere unless you do the engineering and manufacturing yourself. Liberteks are similar and great units but for $279.00 and that doesnt include the electronics etc......... FRIGG THAT!!

I dont mind doing the leg work for .org memebers for I love the hobby so if your interested email me at ICEMANN@AMERITECH.NET, if not I will be pimpin mine!

No word on exactly when or what the cost of the four piece unit will end up being cause there still in design phaze but I know it will still be better than $279.00 and it will have all the electronics etc built in! (Oh by the way for the liberteks four piece unit that will be an additional $50.00 bucks for the turn signals and an additional $45.00 bucks for the flash control so DO THE MATH BABY DO THE MATH, almost $400 for four lights w/electronics... I DONT SEE IT!)

Let a bra know something!
Zoomed display of various colors of annodized exteriors, LED colors, 3mm & 5mm LED's for example. Remember they are actually the SAME SIZE as THE CURRENT TAIL LIGHTS IN YOUR UNDERTAIL.....extreme graphics, and mototecks!

Hey guys, Iceman is great to deal with. He'll treat you right. I bought the HID lights from him and installed them (with his assistance by e-mail). Iceman is very helpful. This product should be easier to install and require less modifications too.

Rating 5 stars.......................
Hey Icey...How does the Medium blue match the color of our bikes. I mean is it a REALLY close match? Put me down for a set FOR SURE...will Paypal ya when I pick the color I want.. I only want the brake lights..not the turn signals..if that is possible..my mototeck undertail has turnsignals already in it. Get back to me and let me know. Thanks WR
Wrist rocket. The 2001 blue is what I have. The dark blue is what you want if your trying to match that suzuki darker blue. The medium blue would be closer to the Suzuki 1000 lighter lighter shade of blue across the tank I think. Email mail me direct icemann@ameritech.net for more details on your specific set.

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