Ever see a Double Rainbow?


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My wife's Grandmother passed away this Spring; this weekend the family had one last family outing at their parent's home in Indiana. We had some rain, and afterwards, the below appeared. A rarely seen full double-rainbow from end-to-end (with lightning in the middle a few times). It was very touching to my wife and her family members - made them think their Parents/Grandparents/Great Grandparents were looking down on them giving their approval....



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wow what a picture, ill have to say no i have not seen one, only heard about them, thanks for sharing,
i bet that was touching for your wife and her family.


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I hadn't that's pretty cool. It was so strong I was looking hard for a 3rd - which I have never seen before, either...


That is a great pic. It is amazing how things show up at certain times just to let others know they are being thought of. God works wonders and will make believers out of everyone if you just give him a chance.


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i have see quite a few in my years...not always a full double but defiantly have seen them


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That's very cool.

Always had fun trying to explain to my young son what a rainbow is & why they form.

You're looking at the backside of water.


Beautiful ending to an enduring and loving relationship. BTW... Everybody attends their own funeral. :laugh:

Many times people have reported acts of nature around the time of a funerals ending that let the people present know they were being given a farewell message.

That is an awesome picture ! I have seen double and triple rainbows but never end to end like the double you caught there.

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