Ever heard of these turbos??


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Stage 1 is $5200 why pay more for that kit when you can just get a RCC kit

and as to answer your post. Never heard of them or anyone else that has used them. Try asking on the other forum I think they have more track guys may find someone that has one or experience with the quality of their product.


Yes I know RCC makes the best turbo kit for a busa, Im not considering purchasing 1 of these kits i just was curious as to the quality and reputation of the company because I have never heard of them before. All Ive heard was RCC, Velocity, and Hahn I found it interesting that they make turbos for hayabusas, zx 14's, and harleys.
Wrote a reply then realised they were a different ATP to what i thought
mixing them up with the old Z1R kawasaki suppliers from the late 70's
ATP has been making turbo kits since the 70s. Kinda pricey IMHO.

I have a Stage 2 setup for a lot less and will support 475hp if needed.


Yeah I seen that they are pricey and I've just been trying to gain insight to the world of turbo bikes. Thought it was interesting that a company made turbo kits for such a broad base of motorcycles from busas to fatboys :laugh:
Wrote a reply then realised they were a different ATP to what i thought
mixing them up with the old Z1R kawasaki suppliers from the late 70's
Yea they were called American Turbo-Pak and TC that you see on those old Kawis stood for Turbo Cycle who took ATPs turbo which were the old school Rayjay turbo units and bolted them on then marketed at Kawi dealers.........sort of like how you could buy a Saleen Mustang from Ford.....
I am glad to see somebody makes a turbo for harleys... how else are you going to get those over priced under performing pigs to move ?

I was beat out of the hole at a traffic light the other day by some guy with and S & S motor. The thing about it was this... I wasn't trying to beat him. He had his bike all revved up and ready to go when the light changed. I was just driving away from just above idle with medium throtlle and fairly strong clutch engagement. I think he thought he beat me in a mutual all out launch... lol ! His launch was probably the best he could do. My launch wasn't even a competitive launch. I don't like to street race in town with traffic everywhere.

Are their any fast harley or S & S strokers out there that can run with a stock Busa for more than a 100 ft ? A turbo S & S or Harley might be a challenge.... anybody here raced one of those ?


I'd be careful If i was you :laugh: Theres a couple youtube clips where Harleys are getting sportbikes off the line. They dont have the top speed like a sportbike but they weigh a ton and it is easier to dump the clutch in first gear and accelerate off the line full throttle and not have to worry about the front end rising up or trying to gain traction coming out of the holeshot. Unless your busa is setup for those quickstarts ie: extended swingarm, brocks clutch mod etc. and you have some practice @ the drag strip he might get you for at least a traffic light or so :whistle:

Fast forward to about 3mins or so to see what I'm talking about

That's exactly it too, cruisers are so easy to launch! Im not going to thread jack, but I made a video of launching a Harley sportster 1200 to 110mph and it is just sooo easy to drop the clutch without any worries. I also made a vid of a 06 636 ninja doing side by side roll ons at 25-30mph with a k9 big dog chopper (130rwp & 130tq according to him) just to get some perspective on sports bike vs cruisers.
American Turbo is an excellent place to get a turbo on your Busa, or on your Harley. Harry, the owner is as good as it gets, he knows what he is doing, and is an expert on turbo installs. My turbo Busa, done at his shop, made 346.71hp, and 181.63 torque, I ride the hell out of it every day, and have not had one ounce of trouble. His shop phone number is 818-785-8573. You won't be sorry if you use him!!

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