EVER hear of accidents on a STRAIT??


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I bought my Busa cuz it goes strait really, really fast.... well, up to 65 MPH anyway. Has ANYONE EVER heard of accidents on straits other than animals running out? What happened?
Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?? Beuller?
no, that NEVER happens, in fact,m feel free to partake ina sandwich, or a brief nap if you have time, when you are going straight;)
Yes Sir.  Riding Down 287 in Colorado between Longmont and Loveland with a buddy of mine about 7 years ago.  We were riding straight down the road at about 80 MPH.  A group of bikes came at us from the other direction and gave us the wave.  Just as Russ takes his hand off the bar to return the wave he hit a sharp bump that popped the front off the ground a little bit.  Well when it came off the ground, his throttle hand went forward, then when the front came down it straightened out the bars (In a hurry).  Well Russ did what he could do but in the end it turned into a viscious slapper that was totally unamanagable.  Just before it highsided his ass into oblivian (or at the same time) Russ had the presence of mind to fold his arms, tuck his head and roll right off the back righthand side of his Hawk.  At about the same time his bike went into a death spasm and tumbled down the road for a few hundred yards.  Russ was completely uninjured (Thanks to his wearing the proper gear) but his bike was in pieces, completely self destructed as it bounced and twisted itself down the road.  I am talking forks seporated from frame, seat and bits of plastic all over the road.
  So, it can happen but there is a catch.  I had been on Russ about his poor riding habits for months, mostly he held himself up with his arms placing a lot of weight on the bars.  Basically he was allways resting on the bars.  So when he hit the bump it was his weight resting on the right bar, that caused his troubles.  If had been holding himself up with his thighs and abs,  he would have been just fine.  How do I know?  I waved at the same time and hit the same bump the same way. All I experianced was a bump.  No I am not THE riding guru, and in his defence the Honda Hawks had some pretty tight front end geometry.  
  The sad part is that Russ didn't ride again for about 5 years.


no, that NEVER happens, in fact,m feel free to partake ina sandwich, or a brief nap if you have time, when you are going straight;)
The Delightful odor of Sarcasm if I am not mistaken.

You know the only thing that scares me at 150MPH+ is the thought of the FRONT tire coming apart... Where I generally open it up it's dead flat, level, and smooth, so about the worst thing I can think of to have happen would be that front blowing. The rear could probably be dealt with, chain, tranny, etc all effect the rear. But the front...I dunno, sounds like a quick trip to the ER...I mean what do you do then? If the rear goes you can just roll off and hit the fronts nice and hard, maybe even extra hard and completely unload that thing. But the front? Relax and hold on? I dunno...
Birds man, birds.... they come out of the trees and the brush... On my ST1100 I had a large screen to "catch them" the Busa does NOT have that luxury.

My Uncle saw a guy get killed in AZ @ about 120 when a large beetle nailed him in the forehead. Knocked him backwards off the bike. (My Uncle used to be a mechanic for the Angels)
(no helmet, no screen. Enough said there)
Nope, but i ride like accidents can happen anywhere .... and wear the gear so if it does happen you have some protection cause good leathers are always cheaper than good skin grafts! ;)
front tire flying apart?? aw, man! I thought I'd finally eliminated all my speed phobias then you go and bring THAT up. ;) Oh well, better to live and die than never to have lived at all. It's better to burn out, than fade away. All men die, not every man really lives. Who wants to live forever? Life has 100% fatality rate. Only the good die young. Without growth, there's no sign of life.