Ever had this happen to you?


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I went out to the normal wed. night hang out this week and like four guys come up to me and ask if the busa was mine. I said hell yea and thay all looked at me like I was insane. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, said that a busa was way too much bike for them.

You have to understand, these are the guys that are out doin 12 o`clock wheelies, high speed stoppies, u-turn stoppies, skiing, skiing wheelies and stoppies and all that crazyness.

There tellin me that my beloved busa is just too much bike. I have to look them square in the eyes and tell them, " it just takes a bigger set of tesictels to ride a busa." then turn around and walk off laughin to myself.

I owned a Kawi ZX-10 before my busa and to be honest I havent noticed much difference in the ride other than the fact that now im topin out at over 190 mph. Of course there are the other things but you have to take into consideration that the zx-10 is 13 years old, of course there are big changes in the bikes i.e. fuel injection and much much better frame and motor build but to me the ride has a lot incommon and thay are both a blast to ride, just the busa is newer with more tech up-grades and a hole hell of a lot more power.

The busa and every other bike on the market have at least one thing in common, THERE MOTORCYCLES AND THERE ALL A BLAST TO RIDE, even if everything else is not up the standered of a busa its still a bike, there faster than anything else on the road and the biggest thing of all, THERE FUN!

But now that Im off my tangent, has anyone else experanced this or is it just me??

sorry for raving on like I did
Yep , I heard that! By the guy who does all the wrenching I my Bike that I cant do, like valves... He did my first rear tire change for me. He's about 33 years old, is a factory trained Suzuki Mech and has raced in the past he mostly rides dirt bikes now but after the tire change he test rode my bike and for the next 2 days he's walking around his shop mumbling " That damn bike has too much power! " I laugh every time I see him now.