Ever "had it" with people?


Even a caveman can do it.
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This is a rant, bare with me.
I'm mentally drained with trying to sell my T/A and pickup on Ebay. I've had it with stupid people and their low ball offers. I mean, why would you offer a guy $2000 when when the vehicles is listing for $11,500? Do they really think they're going to get it?
Then comes the PM's. I've yet to get someone that has ANY common sense at all when they ask questions. My T/A was listed with a bad motor with no compression, yet i get people wanting to fly out and drive it home to Arizona? I don't think so.

Then there's the trades. I don't care how nice your riding lawn mower is, there's something inherently wrong with trading a T/A for a mower.
"No sir.... Yes, i'm very sure i don't want to trade my 70' C10 for your hot pink 81' Corvette"
Then you have the people that just want to tell you how you will never get what your asking. Thanks for your opinion... now drop dead.

Ok, i feel alittle better now. Thanks for listening.


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Oh yes I know. I had my boat advertised and one guy wanted to trade me two go-karts that don't work, another guy had a workout machine, and yes the ole lawnmower was offered by another.

Some peoples kids....


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When I listed/sold my Goldwing last year, I had a guy from Iowa call and wanted me to owner finance it for him...

And the real kicker was, he wanted me to let him fly down here, and pick it up without a down payment...
When I asked if he was serious, he said yes...
I kinda laughed and said that was crazy, why would I let someone I don't know ride off on my bike, and expect to recieve payments form him...

He seemed to get offended...
So I just thanked him for the call and hung up the phone...
Which, by the way, the nymber he called from was Blocked...
Fvckin retard...



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I know exactly what you mean. In trying to sell my bike, I listed on Ebay and received several stupid offers.

1-offered several thousand low.
1-offered a couple grand in cash, and a supra.
2-offered trades of bikes and cash

and the best
1-offered to give me half of what I wanted if I would personally finance the rest to him, and let him make payments to me.

I found those offers amusing though. The thing that gets me is all of the people who really do act serious, but then never act.



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i have bought and sold over 700 items on ebay and i know what you are going threw. i have been lowballed myself, i have wondered the same thing do they actually think i would sell something so low. i do not think they read everthing on the listing. remember last christmas on ebay someone listed a new playstation game system orginal box, it sold for around 500. just a box, people do not read.


Even a caveman can do it.
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(riironman @ Oct. 13 2006,01:55) hey GM...I have some pocket lint, half stick of bubble gum and some marbles...You wanna trade?
DEAL!!! You can have both the truck and T/A for that.


I'll take them both... If you'll ship FORWARD AIR to Nigeria... Take a Check?
Yeah that whole situation has got to suck and makes you wonder if they are all sixteen year old paper route employed kids.


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as far as the owner financing, i would do it in a heartbeat. BUT under my conditions and with a signed contract. here is how i would do it .....

1) 35% interest monthly
2) bike stays in my possession until paid in full



right now is a bad time to try and sell stuff on ebay.....ive been noticing a lot of people arent getting what they're asking for. i guess its just a slow time of the year. might be better off waiting til late jan when tax returns start pouring in.


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I've got two vehicles on Ebay at the moment - a Range Rover and a Harley - and I feel your pain. I'm getting some ok bids, but man do the scam artists come out of the woodwork on high $$ items. Aside from the usual Nigerian scam and the Western Union ploys, some guy in the Ukraine wanted me to drive the bike to some warehouse in Long Beach where a guy would give me a bag of money. Riiight......

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