Ever get sick just before vacation?

Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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Odd thing I have noticed over my few years... IF I plan a week vacation or there abouts, it never fails my body takes it as a "time to get sick" thing...

Cold/flu what ever, it just never fails... (I got lucky for bash, I am off my feet for 2 days now so will be fine for next week)

I have a feeling our bodies know they can take a break and over do the "break"...


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You better not get me sick in the truck, boey.
I'll put you in the back with the luggage


yes the second worse cold of my life the last time I took my Busa out to CA for Laguna. I don't know how BigO didn't get sick. I was staying with him for the week prior to do some riding around the LA area. Every night I would take a shot of night quil and the next morning still feeling like crap we would go riding. I didn't drag my bike 2800 miles to set home in bed. I actually felt better out in the fresh air so that made it all the better. After a few days it passed and the trip just got better.

proud dad

yea last summer,gonna spend a week on the bike.end up to be only 6 hours the day before I went back to work


I'm outta here!!!!
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A couple of winters ago I got sick on the way (driving) to Durango.  I was deathly sick for the entire week until the last day...just in time to drive 2 days home.

I was taking pain pills for my throat and drinking crown a coke for my head.

Same year I took these pics.



Mr. January
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Last year at the bash I was miserable on Sat, and Sunday, It sucked all the way home. I missed the campfire Sat night because I was in bed. That sucked. For some reason when I wake up while I'm there, I have no voice for about an hour. Any ideas?


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A couple of winters ago I got sick on the way (driving) to Durango.  I was deathly sick for the entire week until the last day...just in time to drive 2 days home.

I was taking pain pills for my throat and drinking crown a coke for my head.

Same year I took these pics.
those are cute kids
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