Ever come acros a deal that you could not pass on?


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So, I am now setback on my mods - but...

I was looking on a local board and came across a helmet for sale. I was sure that he had mislabled the price, so I called him.
"Are you sure you want to sell this helmet for $50?" - He says yep. Appearently, he had to sell his bike but the guy showed up a couple of hundred short trying to work him down. When the guy wouldn't take any less than the agreed price, he gave the guy a bunch of gear in lieu of cash...

Anyway, here is a pic of my new $50 helmet:

- Last one. ICON Domain Perimeter... Nice helmet, fits well - very comfortable. I need to swap over my mike and speakers today... The old mainframe will now become a spare...

Icons are cool lids.
Too bad they run small. My Skull Mainframe XXL feels like a large compared to my Shoei XXL RF-1000
Sweet, that will match your bike great! Hey congrats on the mod job.
Sweet Lid............. excellent find...

I love the look of the vents across the top...

We don't have ICON lid over here.
eeevvvil monnnkey.

lid looks good. how do ya like it? fit, weight, ect...?
Haven't riden with it yet, tomorrow will be the test flight. I have to swap my headset over tonight. Ride report forthcoming!