Eurobikes undertail


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has anyone got one of these undertails ? kinda expensive around 370.00 found it on the eurobike web page

<span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Yikes !</span> <span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>$370 ?</span>
Just do not buy it from Exotic Sportbike...
you"ll be waiting forever and they painted mine the wrong color!
other than that,it is great...
eurobikes in texas. i called them. they didnt have any unpainted 1's so they sold me 1 painted for unpainted price + i think another 30 bucks off that. i had the taillight go out on me. i called them and i sent my to them and they sent me a new 1 asap. very good place to deal with.
yup,go direct to eurobikes..
stay away from breaklites or exotic....

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heres a couple pics of mine. i molded off the lic. plate holes and had the use under coating on it. they tricked it out by flaming it out to match the bike.


here's mine....



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Here Is My Euro Tail. 89.00 Bucks. When I purchased It I Was Told It Was An Hour Job To Install It.
Not Hardy, Took Me Three Hours. Took My Time, And Tried To Make It All Line-Up And Fit As Good As Possible.
I Used A Carbon Fiber Tag Bracket, And Affixed It Underneath As Far To The Rear As Possible.....

i really like this undertail, i do belive i will be getting one, i will not under any circumstance buy one from breaklites. i have allready voiced my opinon about there service. thanks to everones for there post and pictures.
Yeah that pic from mjb1206 is rather huge. I thought someone was backing their Busa up into my bedroom.
That's my next big mod,just havn't decided on which one is an 06

BTW guys,you can get the directionals in a white version with amber bulb.. really kewl,they didn't have any in stock when i called

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i went ahead and got the eurobikes undertail. the only thing different i have done so far is get the clear turn signals. they have amber leds. i have the number if anyone wants to get a set, they were around 27 bucks including priority mail shipping. i got a deal on this undertail, i think i will paint it white this winter. maybe not, we will see.