Euro Hazard Light Switch

Kevin Jones

Anybody done anything interesting with this? I have one, $25, worth a look. still trying to figure out how to get it to work with the factory US loom. Something in the connector, wires need swapped. What is trippy is there is a red wire coming from the hazard switch, doesn't show up in any wiring diagram I can find. Looks common to blue when hazards are "off" I believe. Im not sure what it is supposed to do. The blue is the one that appears to allow turn signals normal function. Then flip the switch and it goes to a black wire.


I've done it. It took some time to figure what I could do with it and what I had to give up. I have a schematic somewhere on it but I will need to dig it up.

Essentially, it allows me to turn the headlight off and emergency flashers work. But when headlight is on, flashers do not work IIRC. Again it's been awhile and researching from years ago, not many had done it or bought one or even actually had the wiring explained so I had to figure it out on my own. I do recall moving a few wires and re-s0ldering them.

Let me see what I can find on one of my old computer hard drives.

Kevin Jones

Hey if I could turn the headlight off with it, it would certainly help with stuff at the track. My battery dies quickly between passes, so much idling. Or maybe use it for my scramble activation. I really have no need of hazard lights but I will take a look at the wiring diagram, see if I can figure anything out when I get home.

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