Eureka Springs in the fall?

which weekend?

  • Aug. 14-16

    Votes: 2 6.9%
  • Aug. 28-30

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • Sept. 11-13

    Votes: 23 79.3%

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there are a couple of us that have done a little mini-meet the past couple years...there seems to be more interest this year so i figured we might want to start planning if it was going to be bigger

i talked to a couple of the people that have attended in the past and we tried to get a couple options that would not interfere with other meets or get too late in the year when we might run the chance of it being too up if you are interested and let's see what we can get going :beerchug:


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I will be in for what ever weekend yall decide, since i am not to far away:laugh:


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FYI August it will be too hot. Sept date is pushing it. Oct 15,16,17,18, fall break for school.
Weather is cooler. Whatever you guys decide is fine. We will try to make it. :thumbsup: