Entered my 1st bike show w/01 blue/silver


Just a small note:

I entered my first bike show ever with my 01 blue/silver busa the other day. There were about 30 bikes total at most registered with about 80 total on the set. Registration was $10.00. Almost didnt do it. But an ole timer shuved me into believing in myself. There were several custom painted chromed out bikes that were awsome. A red/white chromed R1 w/four rear underseat, concealed blue devel pipes. The undertail covered all the pipe/mufflers but the exits. THe Bike was real clean. Custom rear LED brake lights around each exhaust pipe even concealed them better. Couple busas w/chrome etc, several GSXR1000's custom w/slick cartoon paint schemes, a few very clean crusiers, then my lil ole 01. There was also a car show portion going on at the same time. BIkes had 1st and 2nd place. Cars had 1st & 2nd, ole school 1st, and a lil kids pocket bike race 1st place.

Pics of my bike.


Anyway, there were two main parts for judging. Overall appearance judged by the sponcers accepting crowd input, then performance. Took second place loosing to the R1 and I agreed that the R1 should have won. I didnt figure Id even place let alone win something. Wasnt able to get any pics. Won my first Trophee.

Anyway took 2nd place for bikes as well as qualified by GPS and confirmation by speedo by several of the local 200 MPH crew members in a high speed pass...

Finally earned my 200 MPH Jearsey w/name on it and local certificate to be coming. 209MPH with a tail wind, a tug boat, and a pull rope on a downhill ramp im sure, all on an open and on an unlimited interstate highway during shift change. Waiting on my pics and gear to arrive after it's made up. Heres a pic of the trophee. At that speed I thought I was gonna wet myself due to nervousness and excitement all at once. Actually was shaking when we were done trying to stay with and ride someone elses ride. Also realized 1/2 way thru it was the dumbest thing to do.


Alright Ice, it's getting close to the end of the summer ( NOW YOU WANNA START SHOWING OFF) way to go on the win, I keep trying to get my nerve up to enter one.
Congratulations and wouldn't you know it, none other than the fastest color.
See that ICE, I knew there was more to you than just circuitry and gadgets. Congrats man!!
Congrats Icemann
gonna have to look your bike up ;)

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