engine CAD???

Jim Clark

Hi everybody !!!
My name is Jim Clark (nothing to do with 60' F1 genius), i'm new to this place. I need a little help or advice. I'm automotive pro (design), but it has almost nothing to do with my stuff i'm looking for here.
I'm building myself a car. 500kg, lotus 7 style (ideas not look),monopost,legal. I've decided for Hayabusa engine. And that is the point. It would help me a lot to have any CAD drawing or model of Hayabusa engine in any format (2D, 3D, Catia, ProEngineer, Inventor,...whatever). Do you have something like this? Or do you know if it's possible to get it somewhere?
Thank you a lot for any help or ideas.
Hi Jim, welcome aboard. I have never seen one available to the public, but I'll keep my eyes/ears open.
hi jim

you can get it to suzuki services..they have some cd s...

if want service manual i will send you ...

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